17 Characteristics Of Egoists...


We all see many people like this. All they care about is oppressing others to satisfy their egos. Let's see what the common traits of these people are. 😁

1. They think they are smarter than everybody else around them

2. They always call someone out of their own interest and act insincerely friendly.

3. They think it is a rare talent to make fun of others.

4. And love plotting against others.

5. If it comes to their own personal interest, there is nothing that they can't do. They would even exploit their family.

6. They care a lot about their looks. They admire themselves.

7. They would do anything to get a promotion or have more power and authority.

8. Everything they say is just words, never action. They aren't even brave enough to follow up with 10% of what they say.

9. If they see somebody who is weaker than them, they play on this weaker person to hide their own shortcomings.

10. However, they are actually weak enough to be knocked-down if punched by even the weakest person.

11. They are the best at denial.

12. They can refute even a scientific fact that has become a law in a couple of seconds.

13. They have adapted to the "single-use" life philosophy. They use people and get rid of them.

14. They don't mind schmoozing if it serves to their own interests.

15. They always imitate somebody else.

16. There is no end to their criticisms, they can criticize everything.

17. However, the person who they criticize most is actually the person who they want to be most.

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