16 Sneaky Facts Women Who Hang Out With Older Men Know!


It’s hard to maintain a relationship on its own, especially if there’s a certain age difference between you two. Here, we have a brief look at how women feel when they hang out with older guys.

1. Money? Not a problem.

2. No mood swings, more maturity.

3. He knows how to surprise you.

4. Romantic.

5. He's fully confident, not jealous.

6. He's well-groomed.

7. He knows how to act in public and never embarrasses you.

8. He's not a party animal, for sure. Night clubs won’t be your top destination.

9. He’s the one in charge.

10. He might be afraid of commitment.

11. You hear all those father figure speeches from his friends.

12. There will be comparisons.

13. You’ll always feel like you’re not doing enough.

14. You’ll feel alone when you hang out with him and his friends.

15. It’ll be the same when he hangs out with you and your friends.

16. His life is always planned, and has no room for surprises. (Apart from surprising you!)

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