16 Things People Who Chase That Impossible Love Go Through!


Your ex-boyfriend’s best friend or your best friend’s ex-girlfriend or your friend’s current boyfriend or your best friend’s sister/brother…

There could be more examples, but the truth is these are relationships that have little possibility of happening.

Here is the sea of emotions that the people who have an impossible love go through:

1. You hate yourself!

2. You question why this is happening to you and why you fell in love with that person.

3. You make a list of the people who will get heartbroken if this love happens and you think about it all the time.

4. You always tell yourself that “This can’t happen” and try to stay calm.

5. You secretly wonder if you can maintain this kind of a relationship.

6. You wonder if he/she is into you too, and try to come up with ways to find out.

7. You keep deciding to tell your best friend, then you change your mind.

8. You become depressed after a while, and you find yourself suffering from it every single day.

9. You never miss any chance to see him/her, but you also try to hide your feelings. That also hurts you!

10. Sometimes you think “It’s my life, who cares?”

11. You always make the list of what the pros and cons might be if the relationship happens.

12. You try to like other people, but it’s impossible when he/she is on your mind constantly.

13. It grows bigger in time and you start to think you’ll never be able to get rid of it.

14. You try to convince yourself that it’s unrequited love, but you never succeed.

15. When someone else enters his/her life, you are devastated.

16. You never know how this love will end before even getting started, you just continue loving him/her.

Bonus- Your love ends after a while, but you still remain sad about the things you couldn’t have.

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