16 Short Horror Movies That Will Give You The Creeps!


Put your headphones on, turn the lights off and grab your blanket. Prepare yourself to be terrified by these short movies.

Don't underestimate the power of these movies just because they are short movies! All of them are strong enough to give you the creeps.

1. Bedfellows - 2 Mins

A woman wakes up with the sound of her phone. Who could possibly call to freak her out like this?

2. Unknown Number - 7 Mins

In the middle of the night, an unknown number is calling persistently. Do you really think that you are alone in that house?


A women who comes to her place late at night finds the door open. She searches every corner of her place in order to find something. Until she awakes with the sound of a scream...

4. The Smiling Man - 7 Mins

What would happen when satan met with a girl who is smiling constantly?

5. The Cop Cam - 2 Mins

A suspectful house is reported to a police officer. The CCTV cameras are showing a secluded house and unidentified dead body. Suddenly, the signal is lost...

6. Night Night Nancy - 4 Mins

You start the day by texting, everything is okay. What would happen if you find your own photos taken when you were sleeping? You thought you were alone in the house...

7. Mr Creak - 3 Mins

A women who finds creepy notes in her house does something she shouldn't do and reads them aloud...

8. Clickbait (2016) - 4 Mins

A girl who is browsing on the internet encounter a small problem. She soon notices that the problem is way beyond internet or computer. What could possibly be the reason?

9. VICTIM - 14 Mins

A guy who goes out for a run, comes across with a man who is wearing a suit every day. One day he decides to look up for this man on the internet...

10. Passenger- 3 Mins

A tired car driver finds a quite place to rest for a while. When his sleep is interrupted by the voices he hear, he finds out that he has chosen a terrible place.

11. Downstairs - 17 Mins

A security staff begins his new job. There is a single rule: don't go downstairs.

12. Attic Panic - 2 Mins

What would happen if you find something other than empty boxes in your attic?

13. Charlie - 16 Mins

What would happen to you if you break the chain and don't send that message to others?

14. Occupied - 5 Mins

A guy who is working the night shift takes a quick break to go to the bathroom. Going to the bathroom could never go this wrong.

15. Rake - 14 Mins

A group of friends go for a camp in the desert to celebrate their graduation. However, the monster in the desert has other plans for these friends.

16. I Heard It Too - 8 Mins

Mother sings to her daughter so that she could go back to sleep. When the little girl close her eyes, she realizes that the women who sings to her is not her mother at all.

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