16 Sad Memories From Our Childhoods


In our childhood years, when our emotions were at their purest and we were the definition of innocence, some things literally destroyed us. As painful as it was back then, now they have all turned into precious memories.

1. When the guest's kid broke your favorite toy.


You cry from the inside, but you can't say anything since you were told to behave.

2. When your best buddy moved out of the neighborhood.


You just watch the moving truck go and you can't do anything about it.

3. When your ball busted.


That is the first time you understood that you only know how much you love something after you lose it.

4. When the long block in Tetris never appeared.

It never comes when you are waiting for it.

5. When you never got the light up shoes you wanted.


Or if the battery died on you.

6. When you got a flat tire while riding your bike with your friends.


Worse, when you realized it, but didn't want to get left behind so you rode your bike until the tire was completely destroyed.

7. When you lost all of your pogs in a game.

You played more and more to get them back, but you still ended up with nothing..

8. When you never got the "free" sign on your ice cream stick.


Even worse, when all your friends got a free ice cream and not you....

9. When your snowman melted the day after you put so many hours of work into it.


What if somebody destroyed it? Wow so many feels....

10. When you made sculptures from the mud and then it rained.


You just watched them dissolve with tears in your eyes.

11. When everybody tried to hit you while you were playing dodgeball.

After that, you just sat in the corner and got bored, a lot.

12. When you woke up and your mom wasn't there.


Where are you mom? Did you leave me?

13. When Antony died in Candy Candy.

Who didn't feel bad for Antony and Candy? We were only kids- why so much sadness in a cartoon?

14. When the tape broke while you were playing Atari.


Or when Atari heated up or the lights went out...

15. When your fish died and was replaced with a new fish by your parents.

Did you think I wouldn't notice?!

16. When Ash was turned into stone...


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