16 Quotes From 2 Broke Girls We Should Write Down!


We just want to start by saying this: We love this show. Its ironic tone and sense of humor, which sometimes might be too edgy, is just too perfect. Just take a look at these amazing lines thrown by Max Black played by the actress Kat Dennings.

1. Meet Max Black:

Just like me.

2. She is usually busy.

3. She's got lots of things to say:

Go for it girl.

4. She is a realist.

5. She has opinions about your favorite social media platform as well.

6. Don't try her.

7. She is direct to the point.

8. She knows herself the best.

9. Her honesty, we admire.

10. She still doesn't care about your opinions.

11. She is as broke as the name suggests.

Again... Just like me.

12. And she has a brilliant background.

13. She struggles, as we all do.

14. The last one is the best one. Listen to what she says.

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