16 Free-Spirited Hollywood Celebrities Who Once Had Religiously Strict Families


Conservatism is not just in Muslim societies or in the Middle East; it's also in the western world. Even Hollywood celebrities, recognized by the whole world, may have grown up with strict rules in conservative families. Somewhere along the way, they must have figured something out and changed their paths but they were all raised in either religious or very conservative families. Let's see who these rebels are!

1. Anne Hathaway was raised as a very strict Catholic; She actually stuck to her beliefs and values during a large part of her adult life, but ...


One day when her brother confessed that he was homosexual, Anne Hathaway started to question things. She thought "I can't be a member of a religion which sees my brother, who is a good person, as the devil because of his sexual orientation" and rejected her religion.

2. Angelina Jolie's father was not religious but was more conservative in the traditional sense.


It's worth mentioning that he voted for Trump ... Angelina Jolie doesn't talk to her father; she doesn't even use his last name.

3. Both Katy Perry's mother and father are very strict Christians. They have never approved of their daughter's profession and style.


Perry started her singing career in a church and her family interfered with everything in the house, including the music she listened to. Over time, the pressure was probably too much and she started turning into the woman she is today.

What a pity, her parents prayed that God would forgive their daughter when they heard her song"I kissed a girl and I liked it." :)

4. Amber Heard was a religious girl of a religious family. Until the age of 14 ...


After the death of a friend, at the age of 14, she changed her point of view of the world and life and became an atheist. Since then she has a very different lifestyle from her family.

5. Jack Nicholson's father was a polygamist Catholic. Little Jack thought his mother was his sister for many years ...


In short, Nicholson's grandmother raised him. He learned the Catholic belief at the hands of his religious grandma. In his adolescence, he backslid and built a life so sensational that neither his nor anybody's family would approve. :)

6. Gwen Stefani admits she still refrains from her family.


The family was not strictly religious but were strict parents who put very strict rules. Stefani, who has been rocking the music scene since her youth, has been somewhat distant from her parents and is still as timid as a mouse around her family.

7. What if we said that Madonna's family, who created the most obscene products ever, were very strict Catholics? :)


That's what pressure does!

8. Jessica Alba also grew up in religious families, but this didn't have a reverse effect on her. Alba is still a religious person, and she giver her children an education in this direction.


9. Hugh Laurie is also a person who wasn't too much into religion because of his extremely religious father.


His father tried to impose his beliefs on his family, he became radicalized. Laurie thinks his father's extreme attitude made him distant to religion.

10. Justin Bieber was raised by an extremely devout mother; he is still a Christian though he doesn't live that lifestyle.


his mother, who had to raise her child on her own, told Justin that her father was God.

11. Brad Pitt's family is really religious! In fact, his mother and Angelina Jolie are on bad terms with each other.


The grandparents, who demanded to raise their children religiously, were subjected to Jolie's harsh reaction. Although Brad Pitt defined himself as a militant atheist, he tolerated this kind of family's discourse.

12. Selena Gomez is a Catholic since childhood... But her lifestyle isn't much appreciated by the Catholic community.


But how do they expect a girl in the world of the show business to live? Selena claims that she is still a Catholic, and she doesn't allow anybody to tell her how to live.

13. Nicole Scherzinger's grandfather was a priest!


She grew up very much connected to the church. She had a very strong reaction from her family because of her sexy clips and clothes she wore after she entered into the music world. But later she started getting on well with her family after she was a little more careful with her clothing. She still says she's a solid Catholic.

14. Gerard Butler finally finds peace in religion.


He was born into a devout Catholic Irish family. He was raised religiously. The pressure didn't work out and he became an atheist. In the last years, he returned to religion again. He claims to find peace in it.

15. Jim Carrey's family was very strict religiously, economically, and traditionally.


Limited money, inadequate opportunities, and religious beliefs that almost made them bigots... Carrey saved himself and his family with a successful career. But he turned to a different direction in terms of life and faith. Carrey turned to many spiritual beliefs, and often changed his political ideas. He always had an activist in him. Carrey, who is now 55-years-old, chooses not to talk about such things.

16. Jimmy Fallon was seriously thinking of becoming a priest.


Another Roman Catholic family child!. :)

Jimmy Fallon was planning to become a priest and devote his life to church while living with his religious family. Afterward, he must have experienced something different than his guess and ended up where he is now.

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