16 Differences Of Men Who Grew Up Without A Father


Some people lose their mother or father, or both, too early. There is actually never a good time to lose a loved one, but we must all find a way to adapt and move on.

1. They enjoy more freedom because they don't have a dad who intervenes with their choices.

2. But this freedom doesn't mean much to them, as they have grown up with the instinct of protecting their family since their childhood.

3. Because they also protect themselves, they have a tough personality.

4. Their names are written on the doorbell labels, which means that they are the "man of the family."

5. That's why they can't enjoy being a child, but a part of them never grows up.

6. They are both the mature and childish men that women look for.

7. They learn everything by themselves.


8. They learn how to shave, how to talk to women, how to love and fight; on their own.

9. Because they can't just say "My dad can kick your dad's ass," they fight more. They get up by themselves when they fall.

10. But they are emotional enough for their eyes to be filled with tears when you caress their head.

11. Instead of taking you and laying you on their chests, they want to lay on your chest and relax.

12. They put their significant other in the center of their life.

13. Because what they long for is not a luxury car or a house, but a beautiful family.

14. The longer they didn't have a father, the more they want to be one.

15. Maybe they won't be the perfect husband, but they make a perfect dad.


16. But being a great dad can also mean being a great husband.

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