16 Cool Ways To Torture Your Siblings

etiket 16 Cool Ways To Torture Your Siblings

Chelsea Wrots
July 18 2016 - 03:52pm

We made our little siblings suffer a lot as kids. Some were just fun memories, some left unforgettable scars. Hope you had a beautiful childhood..

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1. Tricking them by pretending to be dead.

It will blow your little sibling’s mind when you pretend to pass out after you tell him “Hit me!” or lay down in the hallway for minutes when no one is home.

2. We found you on the street.

Do you know you can drive them crazy by telling them “we got you in kindergarten - found you on the street and adopted you” and other things like that? Keep going until they cry. Once they do, your mom will come kick your ass..

3. I’m not your sister…

You can try to change your voice and go like ‘I’m not your sister, I’m an alien, we kidnapped her' when you’re alone in the house or when it gets dark outside. Or, you can make them go crazy by saying ‘I’m the devil’ or ‘I’m your sister’s ghost.’

4. Pouring water in his bed and telling your mom that he peed.

5. ‘I’ll spit in your mouth.’

When you babysit your little sibling, you can threaten them by saying ‘I’ll spit in your mouth’ and pretend that you are actually doing it. You can do it or just have fun, your brutal choice.

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6. Tickle them until they pee in their pants.

Tickling is actually fine, but once you do it until they pee, that’s when you get real pleasure.

7. Telling him/her that your family left you forever when they actually leave for work.

Your sibling will totally freak out if you also go to your room and start crying.

8. Covering their eyes and offering them candy, then putting socks into their mouth.

If the sock is worn for 3 days, the pleasure increases.

9. Eating your chocolate very slowly in front of them when he is done with his.

Pretend that you’re also eating when he eats so he doesn’t understand.

10. You’ll hit me 5 times and I’ll hit you once.

You know the result, a strong punch against his 5 weak ones. Mmmm perfect.

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11. “You would have been born before me if they loved you more”

You'll get more than enough satisfaction from saying things like that and making them believe your parents love you more.

12. Waking them up on Sunday at 6 in the morning like “Wake up, you’re late for school!”

You will store enough laughs if you let them dress up completely.

13. Kicking the bunk bed.

Your little sibling is sleeping on the top of the bunk bed and he/she fall into sleep before you. Kicking their bed and yelling like “Earthquake!!” will be so much fun.

14. “Don’t beat yourself, don’t hit yourself, why are you doing it?”

Sit on your sibling’s legs, hold his hands and make him hit himself. And with each slap, say things like “Don’t hit yourself, stop it!” How wonderful?

15. Putting red paint or ketchup on your face and laying down on the floor yelling “Please help me!”

He’ll faint, for sure.

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16. Farting…

This one is up to your imagination. You can make them throw up by farting on their face, mouth, head, etc.

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Ezra Dupont

I'm 17 and my brother is 12. I always make him wrestle me, and if he loses I do gross things to torture him. Hold him down, hawk a loogie in his mouth. I mak... See More