16 Common Traits Of The People Who Can't Express Themselves Properly

etiket 16 Common Traits Of The People Who Can't Express Themselves Properly

Yvette Darlene
March 12 2016 - 07:17pm Last Update: April 02 2016 - 10:56pm

We live alongside with people who can't  express themselves correctly because of modesty, shyness or because they find it unnecessary. These people, who are mostly ignored, underrated and overlooked, are actually not how we believe them to be.

If only they could tell us about it...

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1. First of all, they are great listeners. Although they can't communicate their thoughts, they are pretty interested in what is told to them.

2. They value actions over words, it is more important for them to show themselves with what they do.

3. They need the mercy of the people around them. The reason they are rarely recognized and understood is that what they do goes unnoticed.

4. Keeping things bottled up and becoming introverted is the common problem of these people. It is only natural that what they cannot tell piles up within themselves.

5. If they happen to want to talk about their feelings, it feels weird and strange for them. They get the feeling that the person who is talking is not them at all.

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6. They have very few friends who are aware of their situation and who understand them.

7. Because they rarely prefer to talk, the people who get to know them for the first time think that they are "cold".

8. Their intelligence, different thoughts and original ideas are mostly not acknowledged but are looked down on.

9. Not being able to find the right words is the general issue that these people have. They prefer being silent to not being able to express themselves fully.

10. They try to avoid crowded get-togethers and group activities as much as possible.

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11. They do not like the short and quick conversations and avoid them, because they need a long time to be able to express themselves.

12. When you are on the phone with them, you often have to ask if they are still there; because it is mostly very difficult to tell.

13. Don't be fooled by their silence, they are interested in their surroundings, they constantly observe and analyse.

14. Spending time alone is the biggest passion of these people, they also love hanging out with the person who knows them best.

15. Their lack of verbal skills is compensated by their amazing skills in writing They can express themselves much better by writing.

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16. Their judgments and observations about other people are very accurate, because they have more than enough time to do those.

Bonus - These people enjoy the good connotations of the word "mysterious".

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