15 Valuable Lessons To Learn From...Potatoes!


Potatoes are love, potatoes are life...Fried, mashed, oven-baked, boiled...It comes in all sorts of shapes everybody loves it! But there's much more we should learn about and from potatoes! Here, we have 15 valuable lessons we should all learn from potatoes!

1. You can add it to almost any dish, yet it still won't have a strong taste covering the whole thing. Teamwork and adaptation...

2. It never looked shiny, pretentious or even decent...What's inside is much more important!

3. You accidentally added too much salt to your food? Just add some potato and it will show how important it is to share the bitterness!

4. Artsy fartsy, too! Potato prints show versatility!

5. Goes with burgers, beer, sandwiches etc. Life is better when you are with others!

6. Different recipes are based on potatoes across the whole world. Global, worldwide, survivor...

7. Something for everyone! Fried for kids, salad for women, chips for guys, and mashed for the elderly...Know your audience!

8. You can be anything, and reach anywhere you want! From fast food to light meals or grand thanksgiving feasts to simple sandwiches...

9. Keeps you full, keeps you healthy. Shows us the key to a healthier living.

10. A true guardian of Ying-Yang philosophy, because it's also used to imply bad things like obesity, slow-headedness and such.

11. It's almost impossible to eat it without cooking. Patience is a virtue, and you must wait for things to happen on their own time!

12. Tons of advantages compared to wheat, rice, corn etc. Always the best

- Potatoes keep themselves under the soil until they can be harvested. This makes potatoes much more resilient to bad weather conditions. 

- To produce the same amount of food/product, potatoes need much less space, compared to other crops.

- Let's face it, you can even grow them on Mars!

13. It supports the stomach, helps digestion, and there are even cancer cures based on potatoes! Time to discover the secrets you've been keeping inside.

14. It's also used for beauty and sexual enhancements. Don't miss out on anything!

15. It's cheap, easily found, keeps you full, can be stored for a long time, and goes with almost everything. How to be perfect and "complete!"

Bonus - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." Know your limits and know what you can expect from people...

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