15 Tips for Newbie God of War: Ragnarok Players: Breeze Through The Early Game!

15 Tips for Newbie God of War: Ragnarok Players: Breeze Through The Early Game!

Kimjun Demo
November 17 2022 - 08:41am

When  God of War: Ragnarok made its way to unleash the inner sparta instinct of the masses on November 9, 2022,  gamers all over the world have begun to compile a lengthy list of recommendations that new players should heed in order to have the best possible experience. Even if God of War's 2018 predecessor has carried over many of the game's mechanics, there are enough exciting new additions to warrant a step-by-step tutorial for new players who are unsure of what to anticipate.

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A Greek and Norse mythology-based action-adventure epic, God of War Ragnarok continues the father-and-son story that was introduced in God of War (2018). Ragnarok is a fantastic introduction to and extension of the series, irrespective of when you first accompanied Kratos on his quest. This list will give you an overview of all you need to know about Ragnarok and will offer useful advice so you can start slicing and hacking your way through the realms right now.

There are no entrance hurdles despite the depth and complexity of God of War Ragnarok's story and systems. You will get fully immersed in the realm during the opening cutscene, and you will experience the strength of a god in your first encounter. The best advice for newcomers to God of War Ragnarok can help them save time and effort by preventing them from wasting it on things like adventuring, acquiring items, following Ravens, solving riddles, earning experience points, learning combat methods, and more.

Investigate Your Environment in Main Story Mode

The key to obtaining as many valuable goods as you can is to thoroughly explore the enormous areas of the action-adventure game that is a must-play. There are several relics, boxes, scrolls, and treasures that are concealed in every realm and biome and are also connected to various events and side missions. A common error made by novice players is attempting to access remote regions of the map before the storyline mode is finished.

Players will come across a lot of green doors all across the map, and certain buildings will have smoke-filled air holes that indicate a restricted region. If you attempt to visit these regions before the main goal of the story has been achieved, you will lose a lot of effort and have to go back a long way.

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Open the Nornir Treasure Chests and the Lost Item Boxes

Players will likely fail to find important goods to pick up after battle while exploring the various regions. Fortunately, early on in the game, Brok will direct gamers to a treasure box that holds all the things that a player might have lost. Players can approach the bright blue treasure box that is found in each forge to open it and take whatever is within.

Beginners should also always look out for the Nornir Chests, which take some annoying work to discover open but are well worth the effort. The Nornir chests, which can be found in most realms, typically require disabling neighboring runes via a variety of techniques. Opening these treasures should be a priority for every new player as their health will be upgraded permanently.

Train In Niflheim

Since the action in the popular game is so intense this fall, beginners must spend time training, practicing, and honing their combat techniques before facing the most brutal opponents. Niflheim, a special training location with a specific training environment for newbies to learn the controls, study the freshly acquired skillset, and mount devastating combinations without experiencing the consequences of dying or losing XP, is fortunately accessible early in the game.

Given how nasty the game's mini-bosses are, the last thing a rookie wants to do is venture into peril without having the means of resistance. Do well and spend the time required to become ready in Niflheim by fighting various monster types for roughly as long as is required.

Complete The Tasks Under The Labors Tab To Gain XP

One of the several and most straightforward ways for a new player to start earning XP without putting oneself in danger in Niflheim is to open the Workers Tab in the Goals Panel and carry out all of the specified simple chores. These are distinct from The Path's main plot mission and Favors side tasks, and they award points while teaching newcomers the basics of crafting, killing, looking for collectibles, and other activities.

Other minor Labor goals include killing enemies with trees, dealing Burn damage with Blades of Chaos, and dealing Frost damage with Leviathan Axe. All of these goals are excellent teaching aids for beginners to use in order to get ready for the game's more difficult later stages.

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Collect All Ravens

The Crow tree, which is also in Nilfheim, has a very valuable addition for beginners. It's incredibly simple to overlook and disregard Odin's ravens in God of War because doing so wasn't all that important. However, in Ragnarok, the emerald Ravens direct players to a wealth of advantageous gifts that will improve their chances of surviving and aid them in winning the game.

There are about 50 Ravens to gather inside the action, the more the player collects them, the more ancient artifacts chests will become available, giving them access to armor that is impenetrable and defensive armor. Beginners should pay additional attention when it comes to recognizing and corralling the Ravens as frequently as possible because even many experienced God of War players overlooked this.

Put Auto Pickup at 100%

While the Missing Items Chest is an excellent method for keeping track of fallen collectibles, new players can subsequently take advantage of a benefit that is even more helpful. Players can click back to Playstyle underneath the Accessibility Settings and change the Auto Pick-Up setting to Full. Without this feature, gamers will be required to manually select collectibles by continually hitting the circle key, which is far too laborious to handle while engaged in battle.

When the Auto Pick-Up setting is set to Full, the player will always receive every healing collectible, regardless of what they are currently doing in the game. This saves you from having to press the circle button when facing bosses later on.

Extend Plus Puzzle Times

The quantity of timed tasks that must be solved in order to earn rewards and access upgrades is one of the game's sequel's most frustrating elements, which is one of the most eagerly anticipated video game sequels of 2022. The Extended+ Puzzle Duration option included in the Gameplay Options is another essential tool for novices, though.

Scroll to the bottom of the Puzzle Timing tab on the Mission Level menu, where you may change the Extended to Extended+ setting under the Give Me Balance title. Players will have more time to work through the in-game problems as a result, which will ultimately save them a significant amount of time. It is quite beneficial when the puzzles slow down and become simpler.

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Holding Abilities vs. Tapping

The most thrilling aspect of GoW Ragnarok is combat, and new players should be aware of the key technical distinctions between the incredible Blades of Chaos & Leviathan Axe weaponry. Players will have direct exposure to the attacks Flame Whiplash (Blades) & Frost Awaken (Axe) early on in the game.

Players must press and hold the triangle button to deploy the Frost Awaken ability. Beginners frequently make the error of pressing and holding the triangle button while also using the Flame Whiplash ability. To maximize the Flame Whiplash assault, players should continually push the triangle button as opposed to holding it. Beginners will learn the controls by pressing the triangle button while using the axe and touching it while utilizing the blades.

Look for Treasure Underwater

Kratos & Atreus spend a lot of time traveling by water, so novices of the late 2022 video game must always be on the search for sunken money and loot that descends from fallen branches into rivers and lakes. While paddling, glowing containers and shimmering gold spots will appear; these typically contain Hacksilver and other crafting supplies. By slamming into a barrel, players can instantly take any item that is within. Press Circle to take the treasure from the glittering shimmering spots. Beginners should always gather the stat-enhancing moisture falls from the area's many dispersed trees.

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Make Miniboss Checkpoint Active

The abundance of vicious and challenging minibosses all throughout realms, some of which are greater challenging than the main plot enemies, will undoubtedly cause difficulty for new players. Fortunately, gamers can fix the issue by activating the miniboss Checkpoints with Combat Accessibility options.

Players will have their position preserved and their avatar will resurrect with somewhat less health once the miniboss waypoints are enabled, giving them another opportunity to quickly beat the target miniboss.

Use The Combat Difficulty To Your Advantage

You may maximize your God of Battle experience by selecting the battle difficulty that best suits your play style. You won't enjoy your playthrough as much if you feel the battle to be either too simple or too complex.

With the one exception that you cannot increase the difficulty in Give Me God of War, the difficulty options can be changed along your journey. When picking your level of difficulty, err on the side of selecting the highest setting that you are comfortable with because a game that is too simple loses a portion of its appeal.

If You Didn't Play God of War (2018), Watch The Recap

The God of War series features a captivating narrative, so familiarize yourself with the environment before you start. Although there are nine core games in the series, the Norse arc for the current God Of War era began with the 2018 game.

The 'God of War Recap' option will play a little film recapping the current plot on the main title screen. While having knowledge of the entire franchise will add more context, the Sony Santa Monica devs tried to make sure that Ragnarok was available to all players.

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Experiment with Equipment, Upgrades, and Skills

Start experimenting with all of these options to optimize your gameplay. Ragnarok offers a wide range of ways to customize your loadout. Put on the new game feature whenever you unlock it and give it a shot.

Encourage yourself to try everything, even if you've already identified your preferred attacks or stack Might over all other stats. It can be enticing to remain with a loadout that feels familiar, but if you don't test the new alternatives, you won't know what you're missing. Early in the game, Ragnarok gives you access to several highly potent abilities, but if you give the skills you earn along the way a chance, you could realize that you prefer them.

Defend and Engage

While it may be tempting to keep pressing Forward while spamming your assaults, remember must play defense as well. Outright aggression isn't always the greatest option; blocking or making your opponent miss might be effective countermeasures.

Kratos may parry and stun some adversaries with well-timed blocks, leaving them open to follow-up assaults. Other attacks must be avoided or you run the risk of being paralyzed or knocked out. Even if it requires playing more defense, mastering the push and tug of Ragnarok's combat will enhance your overall damage.

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Continually Look For High Ground

Don't leave dealing with ranged attacks until the very end of the battle; deal with them immediately. Being assaulted from above is one of Ragnarok's worst threats. The high ground can be used by ranging opponents to ambush you and unleash strikes from a position of relative safety.

Always look for adversaries on high ground while approaching a new region, and eliminate them fast. Attackers charging straight at you are typically more of a diversion than a genuine threat, therefore it is advisable to find the adversaries situated on high ground and deal the most damage to them first.

And those are the some of beginner's tips for God of War: Ragnarok, which we sincerely hope will be very helpful for completing tasks.

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