15 Things People Who'll Remain A Child At Heart Will Understand!


There are tons of writers and romantic singers who will always talk about the perfection of being or remaining a child at heart. This list is dedicated to those who will always have that young and wild kid within them.

1. You know that being childlike does not mean being immature. You are just as responsible as anyone else when necessary.

2. Even if you experience lots of sad things, you always try to find that silver lining in everything, and enjoy life.

3. You know damn well that adults watch cartoons too, and you enjoy them once in a while.

4. Sometimes you find yourself daydreaming for hours and enjoy it greatly.

5. You never care about people who criticize you for your young spirit.

6. The kid inside you always keeps you happy and energetic. As a result, you get along well with everyone.

7. Even during very important moments, you just want to laugh without a reason.

8. No matter how old you are, you always separate that Oreo…

9. You don’t care what people say about the way you dress or talk. Pffft

10. You can be happy with so many things others don’t even fancy.

11. You like kids. You like spending time with them, and you also understand them well.

12. You always have the curiosity of a child. You always want to find out more.

13. Even though you know it won’t go well, you give people second and third chances, and get yourself upset all over again.

14. You enjoy the moment so much, but sometimes you yearn for the past, too.

15. You never fake things. You’re always honest.

Socrates said it first, not us! “An honest man always remains a child.”

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