15 Things People Who Have The Weekdays Off Go Through!


Takes one to know one! 😥😥

1. No Monday-syndrome!

If Monday is not an off day, it is just a regular work day. You might actually like Mondays more because others start their work week.

2. Saturdays and Sundays are torturous.

It is just very difficult to work while everybody else is off. Monday-syndrome looks like child's play compared to this. You have to be at work while everybody else is chilling at home or going out to have fun.

3. You can't spend that much time with your friends.

Because your off days don't match, your social life is boring. Your friends are off while you work and you are free when they have to work. It just doesn't work out.

4. Because you aren't doing that well in the socializing department, you usually spend your off days at home, watching movies.

If you don't like spending time alone, you mostly spend time at home. You game, read, watch movies and tv, and don't go out that much.

5. Your relationships don't go that smoothly.

Because you have limited time to spend with your significant other, it is not all sunshine, flowers and butterflies. Even though you aren't far from each other, it feels like you are in a long-distance relationship and have to put more effort in it.

6. You don't have to ask for time off to deal with government offices and banks.

You can do it during your off day and you become friends with the staff.

7. You don't take the official or religious holidays, and you get extra money for working on these days.

"I make money even on holidays. I am not a lazy ass like you!" 😂😅😄😐😑😟😞😥😭

8. As your off days can change, you don't fall into the pit of monotonousness.

If you are off on Thursdays, you can change it to Mondays, and to Fridays when you get bored. You should be careful with keeping track of your calendar, though.

9. You show off to the friends who work on weekdays by saying "Well, I am just chilling at home. 😛😛"

But you will understand how karma works on the weekends! 😄😄

10. As there aren't many people around on the weekdays, you don't have to deal with crowds or traffic.

"I own this movie theater, b*tch!"

11. But then you have to miss events like concerts that take place on weekends, because you have to work.

And this sucks the most. 😞

12. Your place in the front row of the people who spend Saturday night at home is always ready.

See: "The loser who spends the Saturday night at home"

Yep, that's you! 😡

13. Sunday breakfast is a dream.

Coffee and bagels again... :(

14. Because you can't attend family gatherings, you become the undutiful child of the family.

- He hasn't shown up this year either...

- Well he is working.

- He could have made it if he really wanted to.

15. You always dream of quitting and getting a normal job with a normal schedule.

This is what freedom must feel like! 😍😍

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