15 Reasons Why Your Cousin Is Your Best Secret Keeper

15 Reasons Why Your Cousin Is Your Best Secret Keeper

Ken Adams
February 15 2016 - 11:35pm Last Update: March 22 2016 - 12:12am

We don’t know how many but you have cousins for sure. Either from your mother’s or father’s side. They are closer to you than any other friend at certain points of your life and know how to keep a secret well. Mainly this starts with hiding the truth about a broken vase or plate and evolves into something much greater! If you are almost at the same age, you two become best friends in the long run, too!

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1. You’ve been together since your childhood and you know each other very well. You have a shared history.

2. You know there are still things you can’t say to your parents but told your cousin years ago. They still remain secret don’t they?

3. When you start dating someone new or break up with your girl/boyfriend, you want to talk to them asap.

4. Depending on your cousin’s availability, you are free to attend that family dinner.

If your cousin is not there, you will be bored to death. If he/she’s there, you’ll have a blast.

5. During these family stays, you two still keep talking after everyone is long asleep.

You make sure to you’ve caught up on everything.

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6. You argue much less with them. The tension between you two never lasts long.

7. Since you get each other so well, even a wink is enough. ‘Check that out!’ *winks*

8. You discuss important family issues with your cousin even when you can’t say a word to your parents.

9. You take your first steps, build your dreams together. You have shared dreams only you two know of.

10. ‘It’s my cousin…’ is a common and accepted excuse for you. They won’t even feel bothered you use them.
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11. Your aunt will ask all these boring yet so personal questions about your cousin. Even though you know all the answers, you act the fool. ‘Does he smoke? Is he seeing someone?’

Moments later you tell your cousin what happened.

12. You are the perfect wingman ready to help when needed.

13. Lots of great friendships end but you know your cousin will always be there.

14. Even your brother/sister can threaten you with a secret you told them but not your cousin.

15. There’ll always be a cute competition between you two but you always want the best for each other.

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It’s not easy to find someone like them. Be glad you have them in your life!

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