15 Reasons Why Gamers Make Great Husbands!

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You called them losers, you called them nerd and geek. We made great research about them and proved that gamers are actually great people and also great husbands!

And here's our proof!

1. They are selfless. They put their love ahead of themselves. Take Mario as an example, he risks all his 3 lives to save Princess Peach.

2. Gamers know how to compromise. He listens your complaints about life in exchange for you to play video games with him.

3. They are clever, they can easily focus on multiple tasks. So, while he's playing a video game, he actually listens to you!

4. They are actually sportive!

5. Gamers focus on winning! They are victors!

6. They listen the little boy inside them but act like real adults. No need to worry they are still grown-ups.

7. Gamers are kind. They will never hurt you.

8. They are great in solving problems. It’s a skill they develop while playing games.

9. They are good with babies.

10. And when kids grow a bit older, they are their best game partners.

11. They know what to do in case of emergency. They are trained!

12. They know repetition and being determined is the key to success. And they apply the same rule to their relationships.

13. When he meets with friends, you can be sure he is not partying but playing games with his friends. So, you never need to worry about a crazy night-out.

14. They have knowledge about many subjects. Their games might be taking place in the middle age, so he becomes an expert of this era.

15. They know have to have fun and entertain people. You'll never get bored with him.

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