15 Dramatic Problems You Can Relate If You Hate Milk!

15 Dramatic Problems You Can Relate If You Hate Milk!

Yvette Darlene
November 23 2016 - 11:29am

There are such people who would even reject breast milk as a baby. When you get too picky about basic food items like milk, people tend to react even more strongly. We don't choose what we like and what we don't like and others should get off our backs. We don't need the judgmental treatment. 

Here are 15 situations that you are probably most familiar with!

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1. You might be in love with cheese despite the fact that it is a milk product.

Yes, at the end milk and cheese both smell and taste very different, but there is no way to explain this to those around you.

-What? So you DO eat cheese?

+Yeah, cheese makes everything better!

-But it is made of milk?!!


2. You like every version of milk except its liquid state.

Yogurt and creme are cool. But it is just the milk that you don't like, not the milk products.

3. And those "cute" milk commercials are straight up annoying for you.

They have all these cute characters as if milk tastes awesome and try to make us fall in love with milk.

4. Drinking milk means smelling an animal for you.

That damned smell of milk, especially fresh milk...That is the smell that makes you question how can anyone like milk.

5. And that milk mustache... Jesus!

You might find milk lovers unattractive, and the mustache makes things so much worse!

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6. And if you have an actual mustache, you should definitely stay away from milk mustache.

Make sure that you drink milk when you are alone.

7. And if we remember our childhood...

It is impossible to forget the torture of lukewarm milk with honey that was repeated every night. Our moms used to wait on us while we were having troubles getting that glass of milk in our bellies. 😓

8. And if you are old enough, you remember the milk boiling sessions.

Your mom probably did this to cook a dessert or something and she had to boil some milk in a big pot. Smelling that meant getting the hell out of there as soon as possible.

9. And I will not go into details about that layer that forms at the top.


10. The only thing that can deem milk drinkable is chocolate!

Because chocolate makes everything better, including milk!

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11. The expiration date may also be untrue and misleading.

You just need a couple of drops for your coffee and yeah, you are not in luck that day. Way to ruin a day!

12. Or having to smell the milk to make sure it hasn't gone bad...

It is difficult for you to tell because it smells bad to you either way.

13. This is how your cereal adventure comes to an end.

13. This is how your cereal adventure comes to an end.

You usually prefer having cereal without milk or use the minimum amount of milk just to soften your cereal and you get rid of it as soon as the mission is accomplished.

14. You hear long lectures about how good milk is for your health.

Yeah, only milk has calcium, right.

15. You go for anything else other than milk desserts.

15. You go for anything else other than milk desserts.

Who needs milk pudding when you can have some tasty-ass baklava? Try if you haven't yet!

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