15 Problems Of Unemployed People

15 Problems Of Unemployed People

Chelsea Wrots
August 04 2016 - 11:07am

Midterms and finals are tough, but real life begins after graduation. The first step of this hardship is to find a job.

Everyone who needs to earn his/her own life needs to find a job. The process of looking for jobs is sometimes long, sometimes very short, and usually something that creates problems.

Here are the 15 of those problems for those who’re having a hard time finding a suitable job.

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1. You feel responsible for your family. You feel like you’re disappointing them after their effort to send you to college since you became unemployed at the end.

It’s obvious that they’re expecting you to find a job and help them financially. But you can't find a job, even though you search for one every single day.

2. You can’t go out and hang out with your friends, even though you want to.

You try to spend as little as possible, while everyone else is having fun.

3. You blame yourself because no one hires you.

You burn yourself out. You blame yourself, even though you've sent your resume to hundreds of places and did thousands of interviews. But the real cause is the system, which is not able to create an employment opportunity for you.

4. It's hard to sleep at night. You get lost in thought in the silence of the night, even though you want to relax for a bit.

You can’t sleep or wake up in peace. Sometimes, you feel like the only time you feel happy is when you sleep, but you have to wake up and look up for jobs instead.

5. The money you spend on transportation for interviews becomes valuable after a certain point. You don’t want to waste it.

You always think how great being a student was. The money you spend becomes extremely valuable because you don’t want to ask for money from your parents anymore.

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6. You can’t even feel comfortable at home because you feel like you’re disturbing your family, since you don't have a job.

You feel like you're too much for the house. You dream of being invisible.

7. You can’t enjoy the book you read or the movie you watch…

Nothing gives you pleasure like it did before. Being unemployed takes away every pleasure you have.

8. You can’t even fall in love… It’s a luxury to fall in love when you don’t have money.

You feel so broke that you isolate yourself from people and relationships. Even love is for people who have jobs and money. It seems too much for you.

9. Handling unemployment becomes harder if you have habits like smoking.

You feel stressed from both being unemployed and not having money. You try not to smoke that much and try to quit, but fail all the time.

10. You lose hope after every bad job interview. The sentence “We’ll call you later” is sickening.

You feel sick of cliché sentences from corporate companies. You’re the second choice because of your lack of experience, even though you are a qualified candidate.

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11. You have to answer poeple's annoying questions about your unemployment, as if your problems are not enough for you.

They state that you’re not searching hard enough. Then, you need to try to explain the reasons that you can’t even explain to yourself.

12. You feel like you’re not making any progress, while people your age are improving their careers. You think of how lucky they are.

“A fair shot at opportunity” is just a saying for you. You know that people who have connections comes to places easier than you can.

13. You miss your childhood days, when you didn’t have any responsibilities.

You dream of going back to those days, in which you wanted to grow up and start working, with a little smile on your face.

14. You constantly think about getting a job… It’s even hard to explain it to yourself.

That’s why maybe the hardest job is to be jobless. The only thing you want is to find a job and relax…

Bonus: You still try to keep the smile on your face.

Maybe you don’t have a perfect life now, but you still have hope.

And you know that everyone who currently has a job has gone through the same steps you are going through right now.

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