15 Notes About Falling In Love With Someone You Have Nothing In Common!

15 Notes About Falling In Love With Someone You Have Nothing In Common!

Yvette Darlene
July 20 2016 - 01:01pm

It happens, doesn't it? And this is the process that awaits you, dear fellas:

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1. You meet someone, you like that person, and you start thinking about if you should start a relationship with him/her for a while.

2. You start making up excuses, and at the end you decide that you two are pretty compatible.

3. You start dating and then realize that you two have nothing in common to talk about.

4. And you find solace in convincing yourself that touching is more important than talking.

5. Because you want to avoid awkward silences, you always play music, a movie or tv show to distract yourselves.
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6. However, after some time, you also realize that your tastes in these things also don't match and you feel empty.

7. After this second disappointment, you start looking at your phone all the time, checking your social media accounts for the 100th time.

8. Meeting up with your significant other while there are other people around also doesn't do the trick, because you think introducing him/her to your friends isn't a good idea.

9. However, despite all these downsides, you can't bring yourself to end the relationship because you are still in love.

10. If you finally find a topic that you can talk about for 10-15 minutes, you feel like the happiest person in the world.
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11. Every time you are alone, you worry about the future of your relationship and how to introduce your partner to your family.

12. You think that your feelings will get weaker with time and wait, however every day, you become more and more attached to him/her.

13. With the last bit of energy you have left, you pretend to be interested in what he/she is interested in and try to think and feel like him/her.

14. But the fact that you can make your partner happy like this doesn't mean that you will be happy. You lose the last hope when you feel like you are losing touch with your true self.

15. And eventually, you have to make a choice: Do your differences enrich you, or do you have to end this no matter how much it will hurt?
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