15 Extraordinary Events That Really Have Happened To Make You Question The World!


There are many things in the world we can't find answers to. We call them a mystery or just a coincidence. Whatever the case, they're sometimes good and sometimes spooky. We don't know if they're supernatural stuff that nobody can solve or all of them have a solid explanation. Whatever the case, we put together 15 of these interesting scenarios that happened or are happening in the world at the moment.

1. One of the most dangerous drugs, methamphetamine (Crystal Meth, which we know more from Breaking Bad) is extremely common in North Korea.


The rich offer each other meth after meals and the middle-class use it as a painkiller and the poor use it to suppress their hunger!

2. The names of the cities in Russia keep getting changed a lot.


That's why a person who was born in St. Petersburg began primary school in Petrograd, got married in Leningrad and was able to die in St. Petersburg again and they didn't need to move a millimeter while doing all these things.

3. In the '80s, Michael Jackson's hair was accidentally caught in fire during a commercial for a soft drink company. Instead of sueing the company, Michael helped them establish a center for helping and fighting burns.


4. In an Oklahoma town of 400 people, 76% of the administration budget comes from traffic fines.


The state inspectors fired the entire police force after an investigation.

5. The reindeer is the only mammal that can see UV lights. Their eyes can see algae, polar bears moving on the snow, and urine traces.


6. When a schizophrenic man couldn't be controlled because of his aggression, he was put into treatment and a tumor was found in his brain.


Two weeks after the tumor was surgically removed his schizophrenia was completely gone!

7. In Vietnam, 'The Vietnam War' is called 'American War.'


8. Lenin's last wish was a bit odd.


Lenin stated in his will before his death that all the powers of Joseph Stalin had to be taken away from his hands and that he was not sure that he could carry out the authority with due importance.

9. 1000000000000066600000000000001 is a famous prime number and at the same time it's a palindrome.


A palindrome is used when the value is the same when it's read backward. This number is called the prime number of Satan because in the middle there is the number 666, which is identified with the devil.

10. In 2010 in London, an MI6 agent was found naked and dead in a locked suitcase.


The police discovered that the agent accidentally locked himself in the suitcase and then died.

11. In the 1988 mayoral elections of Rio de Janeiro, the public had so many complaints about the municipality that a monkey, which was the mascot of the city's zoo garden, received more than 400 votes!


12. Only ravens, bees, ants, and humans have linguistic skills.


That is, the ability to communicate with events and objects in the future and in the distance.

13. Jerry Seinfeld got an offer to do a voiceover in South Park, but when he realized that his character was a turkey that appeared in only one scene with a single sentence, he refused.


14. North Korea flagged 'ghost ships' in which everyone was dead hit Japan's coasts over the past few years.


Nobody knows their stories.

15. A secret service agent who decided to be a secret service agent after seeing Ronald Reagan in the secret service agent role. Later, he saved the life of Ronald Reagan, the US president.

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