15 Distinct Features Of A Womanizer To Look Out For!

15 Distinct Features Of A Womanizer To Look Out For!

Chelsea Wrots
January 18 2017 - 02:39pm

You must have seen a womanizer at some part in your life. It’s very easy to notice them with their attitude towards women, the way they dress up and their behaviors. We can actually write a book about them, but we just wrote down 15 of their distinct features for now. Let’s see if you have noticed any of these before.

1. They call you “Baby,” “beautiful,” and 'sexy.” They express how much they’re into you even when asking how you have been.

“Buenos dias beautiful how are you?'

2. The top trademark of a womanizer is when they say “Feels like I've known you forever.”

“I feel like I’ve known you forever. Do you wanna go to my place?”

3. An empty look in the eye with a half smile on the face is enough to recognize them. The shape of their mouth never changes!

“I actually want to smile but I’m keeping it cool.”

4. They’ll ask you to take you on mini vacations for the weekend as soon as they meet you.

5. They would die if they don’t ask for your Facebook 5 minutes after they meet with you.

“Add me.. Yeah, that’s me while sunbathing”

6. They love to make unnecessary physical contact while talking.

“There’s something on your hair sexy.. Okay I’m listening now.”

7. Their eyes constantly move. They love to look at every woman within their zone.

“No baby I’m listening, then what happened?”

8. They love to exaggerate while talking about their job. They act like they’re doing the most important job in the world.

“No joke in finance babe, money is everything”

9. They try to create fake similarities to be able to say “We have so much in common.”

“Oh, you meant your period.. Oh no, I was just trying to say I’m emotional also..”

10. They want every woman in the world to be in love with them so they can be with anyone they want. How clever, right?

“Our thing is different with you Ashley, you know what I mean?”

11. They exaggerate being a gentleman. They accompany you to the bathroom or open the car’s door.

“Of course baby, It’s my job :)”

12. The topic always ends up with sex, even though if you were talking about something completely different.

“Yeah broccoli is good but what is your favorite sex position?”

13. They say they can’t easily fall in love to prove they’re hard to get.

'Worst feature of me ;)'

14. They make the way to their house by saying how comfortable a home environment is and being out is not fun anymore.

‘I can even hangout naked in the house, you can too if you come over’

15. They pick up their phone only when they want to and only text you when they’re alone.

“I’ve been through a lot these days but you were the only thing on my mind.”

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