15 Best Beaches Around The World


Skyscanner recently published an article on the most beautiful beaches around the world. Here, we list the most jawdropping coasts, based on the Skyscanner article.

1. İztuzu, Dalyan, Mugla, Turkey


Iztuzu is under special protection, as it is the Caretta Caretta turtles' place for laying eggs. This scenery is definitely worth visiting!

2. Navagio, Zakintos, Greece


Navagio has one of the bluest seas around the world. This beach has another surprise for its visitors - there is a vacant smuggler's ship right in the middle of the beach.

3. Whitehaven, Withsunday Islands, Australia


Whitehaven is known to be one of the best coasts of Australia with is rainforests, white sand and turquoise waters.

4. Balos Beach, Gramvousa Island, Greece


Balos beach is actually a lagoon at the northwest of Crete Island.

5. Kaputas Beach, Kas, Antalya, Turkey


You need to climb stairs that have 187 steps in order to reach Kaputas Beach. It is definitely worth it to see this lovely beach.

6. Phi Phi Adası, Thailand


Do you have the soul of a discoverer? This island in Thailand's famous Adaman coast will make you feel like you discovered your own heaven on earth.

7. Bora Bora, French Polneysia


Exotic Bora Bora Islands over the Pacific ocean are the most famous islands around the French Polynesia.

8. Oludeniz, Fethiye, Mugla, Turkey


You'll enjoy Fethiye's amazing sea and lovely nature. Kelebekler Vadisi, Oludeniz, Kidrak and Calıs can be listed as the must-see places of your trip!

9. La Digue, Seychelles


Honeymooning couples' favorite spot - Seychelles - can be described as the tropical heaven on earth.

10. Palawan, Phillipines


Bacuit Islands are perfect for those who are looking for an ideal escape to nature.

11. Playa San Miguel, Ibiza, Spain


Ibiza is known to have the most beautiful beaches around the Mediterranean Sea. One of these must-see coasts is San Miguel.

12. One Foot Island, Cook Islands, Australia


One Foot Island is home to the world famous Aiutaki lagoon. This island is another favorite place for a dreamy honeymoon or holiday.

13. Kavros Beach, Crete, Greece


Kavros, which is located near Yanya, Crete, is ideal for those who are looking for a silent and peaceful holiday spot.

14. Cirali, Olimpos, Antalya, Turkey


Cirali coast in Olympos is a protected archaeological site. For this reason, it has an untouched coast and nature that is worth visiting.

15. Patara, Kas, Antalya, Turkey


Smoothest white sand, clear blue waters, ancient remains... If we got your attention, you should add Patara to your bucket list. 

Source: Skysacanner

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