15 Answers Revealing The Truth About Caillou's Father!


Almost all the kids adore Caillou and all his beautiful and educating adventures. It's one of the rare cartoons of our time that is actually soft and nice to watch. But there's more to Caillou than it seems. Believe it or not, but his father's name is Boris with his wife's name Doris. Kinda like Bonnie & Clyde, but you know, MUCH quieter. I'd suggest they're a Russian-Canadian family, but Rosie's hair and the house they live in kinda says they might be Irish. I honestly don't know why they named him Boris. 

Then again, the directors might have wanted to look global and diverse with such a name. You know, there are tons of other ethnicities, religious backgrounds etc. So maybe this is the result of such thought. 

I don't think this guy Boris actually works. He just takes care of the house all day long and looks after the kids. Sometimes, he takes his wife out to dinner, and he's definitely fun and good willed. Maybe Caillou is his, but I don't think Rosie is from Boris. She looks and acts nothing like Boris at all! 

In some episodes, yes he does go to work, but I think he just uses work as an excuse to leave home and have some fun outside. Because what kind of a job requires you to be at the office only half a day per week?! Obviously Doris is a bit slutty, so she never says no to this. Doris is definitely cheating on Boris because how else she could keep silent about his suspicious acts all these years? On a side note, Boris would have more of a chance than Doris, since Doris always looks sloppy, tired and disheveled. But with a nice voice.

But let's get back to Boris. He's nice, but he has no vibe, no energy. All he does is show Caillou how to do things and wander in the park. Not many women would dig that for sure...

So why the hell does Boris act like this? Here are some theories.

1. Boris wasn't the most popular kid in school, and he never thought he'd get married, so now he never wants to lose Doris.


2. Boris had a bad childhood due to his father. He doesn't want his kids to go through the same.


3. Or, he learned how to be such a nice father and husband from his father.


4. Even though she seems calm, Doris is actually quite nervous. Maybe this is why Boris is so calm- so he could cover it up.


5. Since he's probably unemployed, he pays his debts by being an amazing father.


6. He might have been given a second chance after an important surgery, so he's trying to make the best out of it.


7. We know all the urban legends about Caillou having leukaemia. Maybe this is why he remains so calm and understanding.


8. Boris' parents were very rich, and he never had any future worries. He still lives as he pleases.


9. Boris is very religious and he keeps his anger at bay, remaining patient and calm.


10. Boris used to be very aggressive and all the anti-depressants made him soft. This also explains why he never works!


11. Boris is actually a step-father. Since the biological father was a jerk, Boris acts so nicely to top him.


12. The fact that they live in ever peaceful Canada can be clearly seen with their chillax mood.


13. He enjoys having a kid as smart as Caillou.


14. Boris studied child education and did an MS in Pedagogy. This is why he's so good with kids. He's also a well known academic.


15. Maybe Boris is a social worker taking care of kids, and since he deals with much worse kids, he treats Caillou and Rosie so nicely.


Bonus - Boris has a mistress and he relaxes when he's with her.

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