14 Tips To Help You Spot Emotionally Unreachable Men At Once

14 Tips To Help You Spot Emotionally Unreachable Men At Once

Yvette Darlene
June 14 2016 - 01:06pm

If somebody tell you this, don't believe in them. These type of men can be emotionally reached if you show them even one of your boobs.  If somebody is really emotionally unreachable or unavailable, you recognize it after spending some time with them. And the more you get to know them and be aware of this fact, you start panicking and asking yourself 'WTF am I supposed to do now?'  Worry no more, for I will tell you what you can do.

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1. These men are prone to have short and superficial conversations about themselves. It might even prove problematic for you to learn how many siblings he has.

You can ask him 'Why on earth would you be in a relationship if you are so decided on being as deep as a well?' and GTFO of there.

2. They want to ditch the questions you direct to them by saying "Let's talk about you." You can, and should, reply "We have been talking about me for the last two hours, what about that?"

3. They use the following bullsh*t denial defense mechanisms: "I can't show my emotions, there is actually so much going on in my inner world, I just don't know how to express it." What you should do in this case is not to believe him, but to move on by saying "Call me when you can express your emotions."

4. They don't like texting, they want to be face to face.

5. They are not the introverted, shy or silent types. No, you can't have an emotional connection, but if you go down a bit, you will see that their communication channels are pretty open.
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6. They don't want to talk about their childhood, family or life. In short, their unwillingness to include you in their life is damn high.

7. This guy, who is talkative, fun and funny as hell among their friends, will make you miss that time when it is just the two of you.

8. While you are talking to him, you might get the feeling that he isn't good at anything at all, since he always replies like "well", "so so", "a little", "not too bad," etc. Because they want to give as little information as possible and don't want you to ask them anything else.

9. You can't really call him a 'momma's boy,' but you will see that he cares deeply about his family. He will never go into details, but his eyes will shine when it is about his family.

10. They are never romantic, and their sexual performance gets better than 'sloppy' once every 12 years.
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11. I have to warn you loud and clear at this point: Don't ever think that you can fix these guys, you can't.

12. Because there are actually no problems with these guys for you to fix. The more you try to change them, the taller the walls will get that he builds around himself.

13. They change their style a lot. First, they have long hair, then no hair; first, they have no beard and then they turn into Hagrid; they behave hyper one day, and introverted the next. They are just out of balance.

14. They always look uncomfortable as if they were hiding something. But don't be afraid, they aren't hiding anything. They just make a big deal out of anything.

OK. So we detected this man with these helpful tips. What is next? RUN!
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