14 Things That Are Not Fun To Do On Your Own!

etiket 14 Things That Are Not Fun To Do On Your Own!

Chelsea Wrots
January 01 2017 - 06:48pm

Even though you’re someone who likes to be alone, you definitely look for company when you do these 14 things:

1. Sitting alone next to the beach on an evening, instead of being with friends.

You start talking to yourself after a while.

2. Brunching alone on a Sunday morning, although doing it with family gives an insane pleasure.

Spending those Sunday mornings alone instead of a table surrounded by family.

3. Watching games alone, while this activity is way more fun with friends.

You HAVE to hug someone when your team scores :(

4. Spending holidays alone instead of being with your beloved ones.

It’s holiday but feels like just a normal day.

5. Travelling alone without saying a word the whole time and getting bored to death.

Time runs slower.

6. Drinking coffee alone at home, instead of having a nice talk with a friend at the same time.

7. Playing PlayStation alone, instead of competing with a friend.

You enjoy winning and losing more when you play it with someone else.  😌

8. Going to the movies alone, without company that you can criticize the movie with on your way back home.

It’s sometimes good to do that but never ever make the mistake of seeing a romance movie alone.  😞

9. Going on vacations alone by thinking it’ll be fun at the beginning, but then realizing it won’t be great as you think.

I may be ok for short ones, but we don’t recommend taking long vacations alone.

10. Hanging out at a café alone, instead of having someone around to have a nice talk.

This cat seems pretty upset.

11. Watching stand-up comedies alone, while doing it with someone else makes it double fun.

You can laugh at jokes that you don’t understand when others laugh. 😅

12. Trying to satisfy yourself, instead of getting pleasure at its peak with your partner.

We all agree this is the one that has the biggest gap, right? 😏

13. Unrequited love, when you would actually die for it to be mutual.

It’s painful.

14. The act of ‘living’ something that turns into a completely different thing when it’s done alone.

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