14 Things People Who Hate Watching TV Have In Common!


For some, it's the ultimate device for home entertainment. But for some others, it's just a box full of crap. Especially living in such a connected age, we find so many people questioning the necessity of a TV. Here we see all the common features of these TV haters!

1. Their time is precious and they don't prefer spending it in front of a TV.

They don't need it either.

2. They consider themselves to be smarter. They can’t tolerate braindead TV programs.

3. When their colleagues speak about last night's TV show, they just don’t give a damn.

4. Even though they hate it, their Facebook timeline informs them about what is happening on those TV shows.

Who da F is Jon Snow?

5. They can’t waste their money on subscribing to premium TV channels.

6. All their attempts at giving those popular shows a shot have died in vain.

7. Rarely a program gets their attention. Then they forget about the next episode's air date.

8. They turn on their TV just to have some background noise when they are home alone.

9. After missing out on all these years of TV, they sadly see that nothing really changed!

10. They know that the quality decreases each and every year.

11. They only watch TV when their home team is playing or there's a global event like the Olympics.

12. They only spend their money on high end TVs for watching movies and playing video games.

13. Instead of a TV, the use the Internet to stream the things they like.

14. They know that news on TV are one sided and manipulated. So they try to search for more independent sources.

No thanks. I do not need to get brainwashed.

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