14 Hollywood Actors And Their Animated Characters!


Watching animation movies are really entertaining! The moviemakers in Hollywood know this for a fact and deliberately cast famous celebrities in animation movies. 

Here are 14 famous celebrities who dubbed animation characters on screen!

Source: http://www.m4movies.com/actors-and-their...

1. Emma Stone - Eep from The Croods

2. Will Smith - Oscar from Shark Tale

3. Tom Hanks - Woody from Toy Story

4. Ryan Reynolds - Theo from Turbo & Guy from The Croods

5. Jack McBrayer - Fix-it Felix from Wreck-it Ralph

6. Nicolas Cage - Grug from The Croods

7. Mike Myers - Shrek from Shrek

8. Jack Black - Po from Kung Fu Panda

9. Ellen DeGeneres - Dory from Finding Dory

10. Edward Asner - Carl Fredericksen from Up

11. Cameron Diaz - Princess Fiona from Shrek

12. Angelina Jolie - Lola from Shark Tale

13. Eddie Murphy - Donkey from Shrek

14. Ray Romano - Manfred from Ice Age

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