13 Shocking Christmas Movie Facts That You Probably Don't Know!


Here are the best behind-the-scenes Christmas movie facts!


1. In Love Actually, there was an additional storyline about school's headmistress and her partner.

But it had to be cut.

2. In Elf, fight between Buddy and the mall Santa was done in one take.

Because all Christmas decorations in the store took the art department weeks to build!

3. In The Polar Express, Daryl Sabara provided the voice for Hero Boy.

And Josh Hutcherson did all the motion-capture work.

4. In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson were considered for the role.

But Jim Carrey got the job!

5. In Home Alone, a fake tarantula was thought to be put on Daniel Stern's face.

But it turned out to use a real one.

6. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, a single scene took about a week to shot.

And the whole stop motion movie took three years to make.

7. In It's a Wonderful Life, a new type of artificial snow is used because the current movie method was too noisy.

They used Cornflakes that were painted white.

8. In Miracle on 34th Street, the parade scenes were shot on the 1946 Macy's Thanksgiving Day.

That means they only got one morning to shot.

9. In How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Jim Carrey had to complete torture-endurance training from the CIA.

Because it helped him get through the daily 8.5 hours of Grinch makeup.

10. In Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Donald Trump give permission only if they let him play in the movie.

Because he owned the Plaza Hotel at the time.

11. In Die Hard, Bruce Willis' character spent most of his time to do crazy things while barefoot.

He actually wore fake rubber feet.

12. In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Rusty watched Frank Capra's It's Wonderful Life.

Because Capra's grandson actually worked on the movie.

13. In Meet Me in St. Louis, Margaret O'Brien's mother make her cry by telling her that he rival actor was better crier than her.

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