13 Secret Things That Actually Limit Our Freedom!

13 Secret Things That Actually Limit Our Freedom!

Travis Furman
February 08 2017 - 02:11pm

Wherever freedom, as we understand it, is destroyed, it has almost always been destroyed in the name of some new freedoms promised to people. - Friedrich Hayek

We all want to be free, to think like we want, to live in that way. But are we really able to achieve this, or are we putting new handcuffs to ourselves when we think we are liberated? Here, while freeing us from one side, are the things that tie us as well.

1. Society

While we are trying to exist in a society we are part of as individuals, we have to bow down to the rules that it imposes on us. We act with the logic of 'the majority knows the right thing' without worrying about our own thoughts, just in order not to be excluded, not to be despised, and most importantly not to be alone. We are gradually getting away from ourselves, thinking like everyone else and starting to do the same things as everyone.

2. Our Status

We believe that we can act more freely if we get to better positions in life, and that's why we try hard to reach that position and we sacrifice many things in order to reach that status. In doing so, maybe without realizing, we kneel down to rules and do things we normally think is wrong. With every position we get, we label ourselves once more. We act according to the roles given to us and try hard to answer demands.

3. Time

Without a doubt, there is nothing that isn't defeated by time. In this life, we live without knowing how much time we have but still give up now to win the time in the future. In fact, we spend the time we have in our youths in the schools we go to and in the companies we work for. When this is the case, time becomes one of the only things that restrict our freedom. Perhaps because we don't have the time, we give up on many of our dreams and most importantly, we give up on ''now'.'

4. Our relationships

Is there any other feeling that makes you feel so strong that you can take on the whole world, but also makes you feel like you've lost everything?

That's why during our relationships that make us feel so strong, we often think of not one but two people. Just because we love our partners; we won't go somewhere just because our partners don't want us to. We compromise ourselves in order not to make them feel sorry. That's why having a relationship means that we experience the best feelings of the world, but on the other hand it limits us. But it should be remembered that this restriction is perhaps the most beautiful and innocent thing in the world. And if it's the right person, it's worth everything. So, just for being free, don't run away from love. :)

5. Traffic

In particular, the traffic to which the inhabitants of the big cities are exposed is the most important enemy of our freedom, because it steals our time, which is one of our most precious things.

6. Internet

We are becoming increasingly addicted to it, while the infinite benefits and possibilities that the Internet offers us are much easier and easier to do because we facilitate many things. We can't go somewhere without the internet, can't communicate, can't get information or even socialize. Now, with social media accounts, we share almost every step we take, we put ourselves in an artificial prison with walls covered with cameras.

7. Unfortunately Growing up

As we grow up, our responsibilities grow, our various worries arise, and we begin to think more. With the influence of the experiences we have, as we have lost the child in us, we have lost that pure enthusiasm and belief, so our courage to deceive is getting smaller and less and less of an effort to change things ...

8. Our Ego

Most of the time, we can't do what we want to do without avoid feeling a certain way because of our egos. After a while, our ego starts to manage our relationships, our behaviors, and almost everything.

9. Modernization

Although modernization has many important benefits, it is also true that it brings brand new rules we have to comply with. Have a good job, work to survive in thirty-floor plazas, buy a top-of-the-line car, wear the most stylish clothes ...

The society and its standards of modernity wrapped all of us up with invisible bars ...

10. Ambition for Success

Even though we think that our source of our achievements is the ambition we have for it and that we are making efforts thanks to it, our human emotions, such as self-reliance, determination, and perseverance, are at the core of these movements. In fact, ambition is at best basically just creating a feeling of emotion that is a mixture of negative emotions such as 'FEAR, ANXIETY, ANGER,' which often keeps us from moving.

11. Our Endless Worries

Our worries cause us to do some things, push us to achieve, but not to do what we want to do, while feeling an unwarranted fear. We have the biggest worries about the future. 'Will I be able to finish the school?', 'Will I be appointed after graduation?', 'Will I be able to get a promotion at work?' ... Most of our plans for the future are created by the problems that cause our concerns. In short, we have to spend our lives with the stresses and strains of our worries.

12. The Desire to ''Have''

Everything that we add to our life begins to participate in our souls unwittingly over time. As the movie Fight Club summed up in that famous line:

'The things you own end up owning you. It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.'

13. And of Course: Money

Although we think that today's life system is directly proportional to freedom, it is essentially the money that restricts us the most. Of course, we have to make money to live, and at the same time, it is obvious that it'll open many doors. However, we spend more than half of our life trying to earn money and postpone the things we want to do. We become increasingly addictive to material goods and we get motivated by the idea of endless possession. In fact, we can see that this is the essence of almost all of the materials we list.

She said it well:

She said it well:

'I have no harmony with your order, your understanding of reason, your understanding of honor, your understanding of success. I get dressed to walk among you. I dress well. Because you give good positions to ones who do. I am working to walk among you. Because you don't let me do what I want to do. Because you don't allow me to practice my instincts at all. I can do all these things without any effort, you think something has been done. You've been drinking my whole life up. With your houses. With your schools. With your business. You have been drinking it with your private or government agencies. I wanted to write, you said I wouldn't make a dime. I tried to stay hungry, you gave me the serum. I went crazy, you gave electric to my head.  I'm out of all this ...'

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