13 Places You Must See Before You Die


13 Places You Must See Before You Die

Are you tired of seeing oh such beautiful sand and sea at each holiday? Do you want to see some new places no one dares to explore? Then you’ve come to the right place.

One of the great aspects of tourism is to organize all these exotic ad adventurous tours to new places. Our Earth has tons of options for that. Every year, places you’d only think would exist on movies are visited by hundreds of thousands of people.

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1. Ilha de Queimada Grande (Snake Island)

First on our list is this Snake Island from Brazil. The island is filled with snakes and of course there is no one living on the island.

Bothrops insularis snakes inhabit this island and they are one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. This is why Brazil government only allows fully equipped special research teams on the island. So if you really have the balls to visit, you need to do it illegally. 

We can already hear you choosing the Rio Carnival over this and you might be damn right!

2. An uncontested territory: Tawil

Bir Tawil is an uncontested territory located between Egypt and Sudan inhabited by no one and has no natural resources. It’s really a small desert zone. So if you want to chillax at a place under no county’s restriction and be free, this is the place for you. How you will manage to get there is another story of course.

But if you do manage to go there, you should know that an American man named Jeremiah Heaton did get here and he claimed the land with his blue flag, naming it “Northern Kingdom of Sudan”. Why you ask? He wanted to make his daughter’s wish to be a Princess come to life.

What a father figure...

3. Ghost towns of China

The stories behind these cities are a bit strange. Chinese government builds all these malls, restaurants, parks and such in rural areas to divert people from the cities to rural areas. However, it’s quite obvious the plan did not work out because some areas are almost completely deserted.

If you want to visit these ghost towns, you better hurry before they are discovered. You will also get to use sentences like “Back in my days in China…”. Cool, right? Yeah right…

4. Catatumbo River

This river in Venezuela is famous for its lightning strikes where it gets together with Maracaibo river. There are so many thunder storms that almost 200 days of a year, the strikes almost never stop all night.

Even though it’s a popular place chosen by extremist tourists, people still don’t know the reason behind all these lightning strikes.

5. Diomede Islands separated by International Border and Date Line

First of all, you need to know that these islands are named small and big Diomede and have only 2 miles between one other.

Inhabited by 100 people, this US soil, small Diamede has a 21 hour (on the contrary to common 23-hour belief) time difference with the big Diamede which is associated with the Russian time zone and has no one living on it.

If you want to visit this island, prepare to face some challenges because it doesn’t have a dock or an airport. So your only option is to use a helicopter.

6. Chimborazo’s summit, the highest point on Earth.

As you know, Earth’s shape has a bulge around the Ecuador and flattens around the poles. Therefore, two different points with same height on the center and the pole of the Earth have different distances to the center of the Earth.

This mountain is actually 20.5K feet tall as oppose to the Everest’s 29K. But get this, Everest’s distance to the Earth’s center is actually around 3798 miles but Chimborazo’s is just 3799 miles which makes it the highest point on the planet.

7. Pitcairn Islands

Formed by 4 different islands named Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno, located on 48 km square land, Pitcairn Islands only have inhabitants on the Pitcairn island. The other islands are empty. Pitcairn has only 56 people living on it. It has a very warm climate. 

You have to choose between 3 or 10 day holiday packages to go there. When you get to the island, you spend your holiday with a family. This way, you get to experience the island with its local residents. 80% of the island’s revenue is made by tourism only.

8. World’s coldest town, Oymyakon

Having 517 people living, this extremely cold town is located in Northeast Russia. Life almost stops during winter due to extreme cold. The world record of -95F temperature was recorded in 1924. It’s the lowest temperature ever recorded at a residential town.

We have one good and two bad news for you if you are interested. Bad ones first. The nearest city is at least a 2 day drive away. On top of this, there are no guest houses or hotels in town. The good news is that people who live there are very kind to tourists and they accept guests in their house. Even more so, you get a certificate for reaching the coldest residential place on the Earth.

9. Southeast Papua

What makes this place special is the Korowai tribe residing there. They are believed to be cannibals until the very recent years. They are believed to stop eating human flesh now but no confirmations made.

If you are scared by cannibalism, we should tell you that there is a rumor around suggesting that this cannibalism story is still told to attract tourists.

Most of all, many important tour companies organize tours there, so you should be just fine.

10. The North Pole

You might wonder how the hell you are going to go around the North Pole. Our answer is hot air balloon.

Every year, some companies organize North Pole tours by hot air balloons but you have to be quick because there aren’t many spots available and they all go so fast.

11. The fantasy alike scary ass Izu Islands from Japan

Everyone on these islands walk around wearing gas masks. They do have a reason for this of course. The islands are located on a very active volcano zone so the air is often filled with poisonous gases coming out of these volcanoes.

If you do want to go there, you need to have your gas mask on all the time. Even when sleeping possibly. If you are still interested, know that you are not alone. Thousands of people go there every year.

Although you will have a gas mask on all the time in your photos, you might as well download some photos from the internet and say you went there and it was amazing. Good deal right?

12. This ‘doll’ island located in Mexico. Isla de las Munecas

To sum up the story behind the bewitching island filled with dolls, there was a little girl drown in a small canal at the island. After this incident, a guy named Don Julian Santana finds a doll in the canals and hangs it on a tree to honor the spirit of the little girl.

Ever since then, Santana does this very often and decorates the whole island with these dolls. What’s even more interesting is that this also ends up drowning at the same canal.

Since then, Santana’s family uses the place for tourism for almost 15 years and make money out if it. Even the photos of the island are terrifying but it still attracts so many tourists.

13. The Alnwick Poison Garden

A special project of the Northumberland Duchess, this poisonous garden hosts numerous evil plants. More than 100 types of deadly plants are held here and tourists are very attracted to it. You must have a professional guide with you during your visit.

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