13 Notes About Dating An Only Child!


There are both advantages and disadvantages of being an only child in a family. Hence, it is only natural that this also reflects on romantic relationships, as well.

1. Being by themselves doesn't bother them.


This means that you don't have to go everywhere together. They won't protest by saying "But what am I supposed to do at home all by myself?"

2. They have problems sharing their lives with somebody.


This will take some time for only children, who have never had to share anything their whole lives.

3. They aren't used to their wishes not coming true.


This might be a smaller problem in a parent-child relationship. However, in a romantic relationship, having a partner who expects everything they want to happen could be quite exhausting.

4. They're way more egocentric compared to people who have a sibling.


It is inevitable for an only child to become more introverted, considering that they have spent more time with adults during their childhood. Egocentricity will be the adulthood manifestation of this.

5. It'll be difficult for you to get used to your only child partner's relationship with his family.


This relationship might be a good or bad one, in any case, it will be hard for you to get used to its different dynamics.

6. Only children are talented and skilled.


Because they have never had a brother or sister to help them, cover for them, have their back and lie to the parents for them; they are used to getting things done by themselves.

7. Because they've been receiving all the attention of their parents alone, it's quite possible that they're kinda spoiled.


Their selfishness, tendency to persist on their wishes, and need for being praised and spoiled might cause you to feel like "Am I the partner here or the parent?"

8. They're pretty creative.


They offer you an exciting and eventful relationship. They don't let the relationship become monotonous, they try to keep things dynamic.

9. They have a big desire to explore.


Get ready to go on long trips, see different places and meet new people. Their desire to explore has been growing since their childhood and so they will tag you along. Are you ready for such a life?

10. They don't know how to compete.


After some time, you might start thinking that he isn't fighting for you, and is not getting jealous. You are wrong! Your significant other just doesn't know how to compete because they have never had to.

11. Be prepared. They'll want to spend lots of time with their friends.


Not having a sibling, only children will have lots of friends as a substitute. They might even still meet up with their primary school friends. Don't try to stop or restrict thisl it will only push them away. They are pretty fond of their friends.

12. If you're looking for a mature person, you have found one!


Your partner, who has always been in the middle of their two parents and sought balance in the family, has had an early start in the maturity department.

13. They will give you all the love they have.


Only children cherish their partners, and focus only on them. It might take some time for them to open up to you, but when that happens you will feel loved down to your bones.

Bonus - We've already mentioned that they are bad at sharing. That also applies to you. Their jealousy can be massive!

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