13 First Meeting Cliches In Movies That Are Not Likely To Happen To You!

> 13 First Meeting Cliches In Movies That Are Not Likely To Happen To You!

We are not saying that these things never happen! However, they do not seem likely to happen regularly. Think about these, you'll understand what we mean! 😅

1. Meeting someone by buying them a drink

A guy asks a girl if he can buy her a drink. The girl accepts and they start to have a chat. The scenario is obvious. This immediately becomes a one-night stand and one probably forgets the name of the other in the morning. 😏

2. Meeting someone by a random mistake

2. Meeting someone by a random mistake

Cliches like mismatched luggage or mobiles... The situation starts with the guy opening luggage that is not his and we see things like bras or high heeled shoes, obviously! No one uses locks for their luggage in those movies, interesting right? The meeting occurs when they come to swap their luggage.

You probably won't lose your phone as it has become like an extension of your body. Your luggage might be misplaced, but don't think for a second that this will help you to find your soulmate. 😁

3. Meeting someone during a conflict

3. Meeting someone during a conflict

A person meets a woman/man who offers help during a difficult situation. At first sight, these two seem like polar opposites. However, they fall in love after a while.

4. Meeting someone due to the attraction between their dogs

4. Meeting someone due to the attraction between their dogs

Many movies use pets as a way for people to meet. Some people even think that having a pet is a guaranteed way to meet others. Though this might seem easy in the beginning, its effectiveness is debatable. The dogs have to like each other first for you to reach happiness.

5. Meeting someone on the dance floor

The character chooses their crush on the dance floor and does everything to reach their target. They try anything they can to make eye contact while showing off how well they can dance. There are no words included as the music is too loud. The couple understands each other through eye contact and killer dance moves.

6. Meeting someone by running into them on the street

Our main characters run into each other on the street. One of them spills coffee while the other drops their books. This is one of Hollywood's most favorite cliches!

Running into someone can happen to you at anytime. However, we cannot say the same thing for meeting someone. Your interaction probably will not go farther than saying 'Sorry' or 'Be Careful!' 😅

7. Meeting someone at the park

Two divorcees take their children to the park. They find themselves sitting on the same bench and the conversation starts.

8. Meeting someone by saving their life!

Our hero saves the life of the girl/guy and their feeling of gratitude gets the ball rolling.

In order to experience something like this, you have to be at the right place at the right time. You're not likely to calculate the probabilities. This is the reason why saving someone's life shouldn't be your go-to option for a better dating life. Unless you're working as a lifeguard😊

9. Meeting someone by sharing a cab

9. Meeting someone by sharing a cab

We see two people in a rush and they want to catch the same cab. They somehow manage to compromise and decide to share the cab if their routes intersect. They start having a chat in the cab and exchange numbers before they get out.

10. Meeting someone by getting trapped in the same place

The possibilities are either a stopped elevator or being locked in a room with a stranger. The things progress slowly while one tries to calm the other down. They start to have an intimate conversation, and so on...

11. Meeting someone by running

One twists their ankle while running and gets help from another attractive runner. These cliches usually include vulnerable women and their male saviors. Boring!

12. Meeting someone during an obligatory situation.

Two polar opposites have to get to know each other, though they don't have any intention of it. These two have to spend time together and, in the end, they fall for each other.

13. Meeting someone on the elevator

Two people get on an elevator. They have never seen each other before. As these elevators require time to go to the top floors, one breaks the silence by talking and the conversation starts.

You lose the game in the beginning if you're living in an area that doesn't have skyscrapers.😕