13 Before And After Photos Of People Who Had Facial Transplants


There are dozens of people whose faces have been destroyed or burned for various reasons. Facial transplant operations carried out by taking faces off cadavers are a great hope for these people.

Here are before and after photos of 13 patients who have had face transplant operations from all over the world:

1. Patrick Hardison was the first person who had an extended-facial transplant in the world.


As a former firefighter, while performing his duty, he lost his eyelids, ears, lips, nose, and beard. He suffered heavy burn injuries in 2001 after the house he had rushed into collapsed on top of him.

2. This man, known only as Rafael, is a Spanish farmer suffering from neurofibromatosis, received a partial-face transplant in 2010.


3. 80% of Carmen Blandin's face was burned because her ex-husband threw nitric acid on her face. She had a facial transplant in 2015.


4. This man, known only as Oscar, is a Spanish farmer who accidentally shot himself in the face. He received a full-face transplant in 2010.

5. Li Guoxing, of China, lost much of his right face when he was attacked by a bear. He received a partial-face transplant in 2006.


Sadly, he died in 2008 as a result of complications from the transplant.

6. Pascal Coler, of France, was severely disfigured by neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder causing benign tumors to grow on his face. He received a nearly full-facial transplant in 2007.


7. James Maki, of Massachusetts, was horribly injured after falling face first onto an electrified subway rail. He received a nearly full-face transplant in 2009.


8. Dallas Wiens, of Texas, suffered nearly fatal burns over most of his head after the construction lift he was riding hit a power line. He received a full-face transplant in 2011.


9. Charla Nash, of Connecticut, had most of her face ripped off by a friend's chimpanzee. Charla received a full-face transplant in 2011.


10. Connie Culp is an Ohio woman who was nearly killed when her husband shot her in the face. She received a full-face transplant in 2008.


11. Ugur Acar, of Turkey, suffered serious burns to his face during a house fire. He received a full-face transplant in 2012.


12. Isabelle Dinoire, of France, lost much of her face when she was mauled by her dog. She became the first person in history to successfully receive a partial face transplant in 2005.

13. Andy Sandness, who suffered a severe depression in 2006, attempted to commit suicide by putting a rifle on his jaw and pulling the trigger.

The extensive face transplant operation was carried out and it was quite successful.

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