12 Types Of Beaches Proving Heaven Is On Earth!


Would you like to travel around the world's most interesting beaches? What happens if we say that you could do it without ever leaving your couch? You can thank us later! 🌊🌊🌊🐚🐟

1. White Sand Beaches

You've probably heard about these amazing coasts before: Maldives, Fiji Islands or Australia... Did you ever wonder how white sand is formed? It is known that white sand is composed of tiny particles from seaweed and coral. Also, there are things that fish try to eat but could not digest. Another essential ingredient is quartz stone.



4. Pink Sand Beaches

It's quite normal if this is the first time you've ever seen a pink sand beach because these beaches are pretty rare. Pink sand is composed of the remains of a red sea animal called foraminifera. When these forams are dead, their shells are spread around by the wind and these remains create the pink sand with rock pieces and other remains. Interesting, right?



7. Seashell Beaches

Shell Beach-Australia, Jeffreys Bay-South Africa and Sanibel Island-Florida are examples of these rare seashell beaches. These seashells are carried away by the sea and after a while it covers the whole coast. Amazing view!



10. Red Sand Beaches

When volcanic rocks and iron ore deposits get together with the erosive power of the ocean, red sand beaches occur. There are only 3 red sand beaches out there: Kokkini - Greece, Kaihalulu - Hawai, and Rabida - Galapagos.



13. Orange Sand Beaches

Although orange sand beaches are extremely rare, there are a few of them around the world. The color of the sand is caused by the high level of iron ore where the color of the volcanic rocks are dominant. You can see an orange sand beach in Ramla Bay of Malta Island.



16. Glass Beach

Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Fort Bragg, which is located in California, is the one and only glass beach in this world. This beach is actually a recycling project. Back in the 60s, this area was used as a dumpster. The city hall decided to close down this dumpster and turned it into a wonderful beach.



19. Green Sand Beaches

We're seeing another interesting sand color right here! To be exact, there are only two green beaches out there: Papakolea Beach in Hawai and Talofofo Beach in Guam. The reason behind this exceptional color is the Olivin crystals that contains magnesium and iron. Olivin crystals are usually found in undersea volcanos.



22. Blue Sand Beaches

TBH, the shining areas in the photo are not actually sand but it is the famous sea sparkle of the Maldives. We owe this beautiful scenery to the undersea creatures.



25. Geometric Rock Beaches

Who said you need sand to have a beach? Giants Causeway' beach in Ireland has a coast composed of geometrically tiled volcanic rocks and lava.



28. Purple Sand Beaches

Unfortunately not every beach is this colorful! Just take a moment to observe these beautiful colors... This beach is called Pfeiffer Beach and it is in California. This amazing purple sand is composed of manganese and demantoid rocks.



31. Black Sand Beaches

Perfect, exceptional and yet scary... Eroded lava and volcanic rocks have caused this sand to become black.



34. Cave beaches

Nature takes it strength from time and its great power to erode things. This beach is right in the corner of a huge cave. It is unbelievable! The Secret Beach Cave - Mexico and Algarve Cave Beach - Portugal are the best examples of this rare situation.



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