12 Things A Father Looks For In His Daughter’s Partner!


Daughters are their father’s precious ones, the ones they care about and protect the most. No father likes to imagine the day their daughter leaves, but they also know it’s a thing that they can’t prevent from happening. When the day comes, they want to make sure she’s leaving with someone who cares for her as much ashe does. They give clues to their daughters on what that man should be like.

Here are 12 of those clues:

1. Someone who will act respectfully towards her.

Someone who is aware of the fact that man and woman are equal and who will give the respect she deserves. Someone who will not let her down, and will listen to her opinions and face the difficulties together.

2. Someone who will fully understand her.

Someone who will cheer for her dreams, who will give his support whenever she needs it. He should encourage her to make her dreams come true and be able to gain her trust.

3. Someone who will believe in her skills and value her ideas.

Fathers talk to their daughters when they’re stressed out. They listen and value their opinions. They expect the man who will marry with their daughter to be the same; someone who will believe and support them to reach their full potential.

4. Someone who will trust her, no matter what.

He expect these men to trust his daughter’s decisions and be there for her without fail. They want him to believe in her character and her decisions.

5. Someone who loves kids and enjoys spending time with them.

Fathers start thinking about their grandchildren ahead of time. That’s why it's very important for the suitor to get along with kids.

6. Someone who will be honest with her and make positive criticisms.

They know that their daughter can also make mistakes and make wrong decisions. There’s no way to get your life going without mistakes. So a father wants the suitor to support his daughter and help her to find the right way. Not someone who will discourage her and make her feel even worse.

7. Someone clever, logical and hardworking.

Getting married is just the beginning; the important thing is to maintain it
peacefully. The pathway to that is to work hard. A father who devoted his whole life to his kids will expect the same from the man his daughter marries. Who wants someone lazy?

8. Someone who will accept his mistakes without hesitation.

Someone who is not open to criticism, who never accepts his mistakes and tries to fight for it even though he knows that he’s wrong isn't acceptable. A father desires someone who has the dare to accept his fault, apologizes and tries to make things better for his daughter.

9. Someone who will protect her, no matter what.

A father has to make sure that the man who takes his most precious one away will protect her forever. It’s his right to ask for it, since he’s capable of doing anything to keep his daughter safe.

10. Someone who will to listen her.

As they chat with their daughters, listen to their problems and give advice to
them unconditionally, fathers expect the same from their daughter’s husbands.
Someone who will care and share her problems can be the perfect guy.

11. Someone who will treat her like a princess.

Of course he will, she’s her dad's princess.

12. Someone who is kind, patient, full of love and can be there for her, not just physically, but also emotionally.

Is there any other feature left? You won’t understand the kind of relationship a
father and daughter have until you become a father to a girl. A father wishes
all the good things to happen to his daughter. He hopes she makes good decisions and stands in good places. Of course, he desires a man who has all these features, who can always be there for her, support her no matter. Who will act nicely, knows how to spoil, listen and be patient with her. It’s not easy; he’s giving the biggest love of his life to you, so you have to deserve her first..

Bonus - And someone who won’t let her down in her father's absence..

No one is immortal. She should have someone who will support and love her as much as her father did..

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