11 Human Things To Do When Your Internet Is Down


First things first, DON'T PANIC! I know it's hard but we will get through it together. Here, I left a list of survival suggestions for when the WIFI is down. Let's take a look...

1. Go get some fresh air.


You know, we can't live without oxygen.

Fresh air is nice, it is... fresh.

2. Fix the broken stuff at home.


Fix that door knob that has been falling off for the last 2 years. Or DIY a doorknob. Work your imagination.

3. Read from something other than a screen.


Books, magazines, encyclopedia, clay tablet... Whatever people used to read from before screens...

4. Go get that disease checked before you die.


Remember that thing that has been bothering you for so long... Stop postponing going to the hospital. While the internet is down and you have a chance, get it checked before it kills you.

5. Play games, like not on the computer.


Go to an arcade. Play some pinball or mahjong... Feel the nostalgia of the 90s...

6. Watch TV.


Remember cable TV? Well, it missed you, since you were cheating on it with Netflix. Go on, turn it on. Zap until you find that weird show you've never seen before.

7. Go through old photo albums.


Refresh your memories with that Instagr... SORRY! photo album.

8. Cook that recipe you have been obsessing over.


You can finally try that foodporn you bookmarked. Hopefully you wrote down the instructions...

9. Fortune read.


Try reading the future with your old Tarot cards. Maybe they will tell you when the WIFI will work again.

10. Get that old radio working.


Don't worry. FM signals are still out there. Radios are still a thing.

11. Check if your internet is fixed.


JKJK. The drill is over. Back to cat videos.

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