10 Wonderful Beaches To Visit Before Summer Ends!


What does summer mean to you? Walking around warm sandy beaches, laying under the sun, chilling by the seaside... If you're ideal holidays sounds similar to those, we've got you covered. Here are 10 beaches you should definitely visit by the end of this summer!!! 

🌴 🏊🌴

1. Maldives - Sun Island Beach

Whitest sands, bluest sea... What more you can ask?

2. Philippines - Saud Beach

Asia has very different hot-spots for vacations. The Philippines continue to attract many different tourists because of its heavenly coasts.

3. Cook Island - Rarotonga

I guess this scenery doesn't need any further explanation.

4. Mexico - Tulum

Tulum is ideal for both history and beach holiday lovers. Definitely worth visiting!

5. Fethiye/Turkey - Turunç Pinari Bay

An actual dreamscape.

6. Republic of Vanuatu - Champagne Beach

7. Bahamas - Cabbage Beach

8. Italy - Rabbit Beach

One of the best beaches around the world!

9. Brazil - Baia do Sancho

Looks amazing, isn't it?

10. Puerto Rico - Flamenco Beach

You must go to Flamenco Beach for your next meeting with green and blue!

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