10 Things You Need To Know About AT&T Girl Milana Vayntrub

10 Things You Need To Know About AT&T Girl Milana Vayntrub

March 31 2022 - 08:01pm

For commercials to be effective, it needs to have a story and lasting image that will stay in the customer’s mind. Fortunately for AT&T, it seems that they were able to do exactly that when they casted Milana Vayntrub for their commercials. But aside from being the saleswoman in AT&T, there are other interesting things that we should know about Milana.

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1. Milana was born in the Soviet Union and is Jewish.

On March 8, 1987, Milana was born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR. She is said to be Jewish like her family. When she was 2 years old, her family relocated to the United States as refugees since antisemitism at the time was widespread.

2. Milana’s middle name is quite a mouthful.

Since every country has its own way of naming people, it is no surprise that Milana’s complete name reflects where she was from. Her complete name is Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub.

3. Milana started appearing in commercials even before AT&T.

Milana’s family did not have it easy even when they were already living in the US. Because of this, Milana had to work at the early age of five by starring in Mattel Barbie commercials.

4. Milana dropped out of highschool.

When Milana was in her sophomore year, she dropped out from Beverly High School, but soon obtained a GED so that she could go to college. She attended University of California, San Diego and obtained her Bachelor of Arts.

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5. Milana is also a comedian.

Aside from being a model, Milana also has experience in comedy. In fact, she studied improv comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

6. Milana appeared in a few TV shows and movies.

Milana had her acting debut in 1995 when she appeared in NBC’s ER. She also had small roles in the 2011 film Life Happens and American comedy TV series Silicon Valley.

7. Milana is best known for her AT&T commercials.

Milana is most recognized as Lily Adams, AT&T’s saleswoman in its television commercials. She had the role from 2013 to 2016 and then later in 2020.

8. Milana is an activist.

In 2016, Milana visited Greece and met refugee families who were fleeing the Syrian Civil War. Since she was a refugee herself, Milana took the opportunity to raise awareness on the European migrant crisis by co-founding the website “Can’t Do Nothing”.

9. Milana is pro-choice.

Milana believes that a woman’s body is their own and she is pro-choice. This stand of hers goes back way to her college days where she had an abortion performed due to financial concerns in raising a child.

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10. Milana already has her own family.

Milana had her son in 2020. Details about his husband or partner are not really available to the public but many say that they are not yet married. The guy is said to be an architect.

So there you have it! Ten interesting facts about the AT&T girl, Milana Vayntrub.

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