10 Things Only Sapiosexuals Can Relate To

10 Things Only Sapiosexuals Can Relate To

Berfin Ceren Meray
December 01 2023 - 10:03am

Sapiosexuals are individuals who are captivated by intelligence before physical attractiveness. These people find immense pleasure in knowledge and are unable to experience a similar sensation elsewhere. If you resonate with the unique joy that comes from intellectual stimulation, this content is tailor-made for you! Dive into the world of sapiosexuality and discover the shared experiences that bind those who find intellectual connection irresistible.

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1. Intelligence Overlooks Physical Beauty for Sapiosexuals

For sapiosexuals, external beauty is secondary; intellect is everything. Knowledgeable individuals are highly attractive to them, and their interest in intelligent people sparks a curiosity for education.

2. Sapiosexuals Are Stimulated by Intellect, Not Physical Gestures

Sapiosexuals are generally unaffected by physical behaviors. Their arousal is triggered by intelligence. Witnessing intelligence in someone can be enough for them to fall in love; they hardly look at anything else.

3. Love for Bookstores and Libraries is a Sapiosexual Trait

When it comes to the love of sapiosexuals, bookstores or libraries are often the places where they can find partners. Places that are a haven for those in love with the brain.

4. Education and Seminars Hold a Special Appeal for Sapiosexuals

While we all attend education and seminars, for sapiosexuals, it's a unique pleasure. These places are like paradise for sapiosexuals, who pay more attention to the presenters than the content itself.

5. Intellectual Conversation Trumps Physical Experiences for Sapiosexuals

For sapiosexuals, an intellectual conversation holds more importance than engaging in physical activities. When asked what they want on a first date, their answer would be a deep and knowledge-filled conversation. When the topic revolves around profound discussions, sexuality takes a back seat.

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6. Average Intelligence is a Dealbreaker for Sapiosexuals

Even if the person in front of sapiosexuals is considered the most beautiful/handsome in the world, if they possess average intelligence, they are practically nonexistent. It is impossible for these individuals to feel any sexual attraction to those with average intelligence. When choosing a partner, their sole criterion is advanced intelligence and intellectual accumulation.

7. Falling in Love with Intelligence Alone

For sapiosexuals, it's enough for their partner to be intelligent for them to fall in love. They can easily fall in love with someone whose intelligence is slightly above average. The primary criterion that leads them to fall in love with their partners is the accumulation of knowledge.

8. Conversation Precedes Intimacy for Sapiosexuals

Sapiosexuals cannot establish closeness with someone without first engaging in lengthy conversations. To feel something for someone and establish a connection, they must first participate in an intellectual discussion. This implies that, for them to feel something sexually for a person, they must engage in an intellectual debate beforehand.

9. Sapiosexuals Choose Those They Can Engage in Lengthy Conversations With

Sapiosexuals choose people they can engage in long hours of conversation with. To feel something for someone, they must be able to conduct philosophical and intellectual discussions. Sapiosexuals prioritize intelligence and intellectual accumulation above all, and the conversations they have with their partners are one of the greatest pleasures they experience.

10. Confidence Is Crucial for Sapiosexuals

For sapiosexuals, alongside intelligence, confidence is crucial. Sapiosexuals are particularly enamored with those who express their knowledge and expertise confidently through their expressions and gestures.

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