10 Tastiest Benefits Of Butter Guaranteed To Make You Drool!


What is the first thing you come up with when you hear the word butter?

Butter has so many benefits that you can't imagine! Would you like to learn 10 of these benefits?

Should we make a tasty start to the subject?

Don't mistake butter for margarine!


The most significant difference between butter and margarine is the production process. Butter is produced through whisking milk cream. Butter is rich in saturated fats and cholesterols. It also contains Vitamins such as A, D, E and K.

Margarine is produced through chemical processes. It is produced from liquid vegetable oils and it doesn't contain as much saturated fat as butter does. Since margarine is produced by filling the saturated fats with hydrogen, it contains trans fatty acids that are unhealthy for the metabolism.

1. Now it's time to talk about the benefits of butter! Butter is rich in antioxidants!


Pure butter contains high levels of carotenes. Carotenes are an active part of the antioxidant production by transforming into Vitamin A in the body. 

 Antioxidants help protecting the body from infections and therefore strengthen the immune system. Vitamin A can easily dissolve in water and it has positive effects on the overall health of skin, eyes, throat and digestion.

2. Butter helps protect your body from cancer.


Stress is known to be one of the main causes of cancer. Adapting healthy eating habits directly correlates to our stress levels.

Butter reduces the risks of colorectal and prostate cancer. Research on the subject shows that Vitamin A is vital to protecting the metabolism from cancer, as it prevents the cancer cells from regeneration.

3. Butter is perfect for dealing with digestive problems!


Butter contains Glycosphingolipid, a type of fatty acid that protects the digestive system from possible infections. Glycosphingolipid creates a mucus layer to protect the digestive system.

4. Butter improves the overall health of your heart.


Butter contains HDLs, or in other words, the good cholesterol. Butter is a good source of Omega 3 acids and it increases the good cholesterol levels in blood.

5. Butter protects the thyroid glands.


Thyroid glands are responsible for producing endocrines. The problems within the thyroid glands occur due to the lack of Vitamin A most of the time.

6. Butter is good for your eyes!


Butter is very rich in beta carotenes which are vital for improving the overall health of eyes. Carotenes protect the eyes from diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration.

7. Butter is good for joints and bones!


The structure of butter resembles hormones that are produced inside the body. Butter protects the body from the risks of arthritis.

8. Butter is key to improving sexual health!


Butter contains many vitamins that can dissolve in fats. The research shows that fats that dissolve in water can increase the sexual will. The vitamins A and D are good for improving sexual health.

9. Butter is good for improving the overall health of your skeleton.


Butter contains minerals such as manganese, zinc, copper and seleniums. These minerals are essential for a healthy bone structure.

10. Butter maintains food absorption!


Butter contains a matter called Activator X that helps the distribution of food around the body.

What should we do then?!

We should eat more butter of course!

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