10 Situations When Preparation Takes Much More Time Than The Actual Event


We all know that some things take time and effort. However, there are some events that take less time than their preparation. These events can easily piss you off and you have the right to be. Here are some examples of these annoying events!

1. Planning a wedding vs the actual wedding ceremony

Planning a wedding is a complex process. Some start planning a year before the actual event. Location, playlist, invitations... You have to think about every single detail. Then, the wedding day arrives. Everything happens and ends in 3 hours or so. Say goodbye to all of your effort!

2. Cooking vs eating

Your mom would understand what we mean. All the time you've spent in the kitchen is consumed in 5 to 10 minutes. Heartbreaking, isn't it?

3. Setting up domino tiles vs toppling domino tiles

We still have a hard time understanding the magic behind this. All the effort that has been gone through to set up domino tiles is gone in seconds. Why do we do this? No one knows. It's always fun to watch the toppling videos, though.

4. Writing a book vs reading a book

The writing process is different for everyone. However, it is obvious that writing a book takes a lot of time. The next time you complain about not finishing the book you're reading, remember that the author of the book suffered to write and publish that piece.

5. Shooting a movie vs watching a movie

Think about the process of making a movie. First, a script is written and a producer is found. Then, the cast agency starts looking for the actors. The movie locations are set and then they are ready to start. Shooting a movie is a tough job. Not to mention post-production. What happens? The audience watches the movie and it ends in a maximum of 3 hours. Feelings?!

6. Cleaning the house vs making a mess.

Let's face it. No one like doing this. You work hard to clean up your place. You spend hours. After three days, somehow everything looks the same and you ask yourself "What's the point of cleaning?"

7. Earning money vs spending money

Right after you get your paycheck, you spend it. This needs no further explanations.

8. Studying for an exam vs taking an exam

You spend days in the library studying. Your stomach feels weird because you are excited about how you're going to do. Then, you see the exam paper. All your effort is just for these 40 minutes and you won't rest until you know the exam results. Well, good luck!

9. Deciding on your take out order vs. eating

Food orders are always a burden. Should you order pizza, sushi, kebabs, burritos or Chinese? Which one you want the most? You spend hours trying to decide. When your food arrives, it is gone is 10 minutes, tops. We know what you're going through!

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