10 Life Lessons We All Learn From Living In A Small Town!


Not all of us are born and raised in the big cities. On the contrary to the general belief, people growing up or living in a smaller town then to experience more valuable things as oppose to fake smiles, fading humanity and such.

1. You have learned how to be an individual.

Everybody knows you, your teachers, neighbors, people you run into in the super market. They have always considered you to be an adult. You have never felt lost in a crowd. All of these have contributed to your self-esteem.

2. You have always believed that humans always mean well and that nature is giving.


The crime rate in the town you grew up in is so low that police are only busy with mischievous children. Your parents have never worried that you might be kidnapped or that you might get mixed up in bad things. You have developed a humane and positive point of view in life and learned to experience the things that no amount of money can buy.

3. You have had many talents.


Because there weren't many people in the schools that you went to, you were active everywhere: theater, football, etc. This made you a versatile and a talented person. You know a bit of everything.

4. You have learned to appreciate traditions.


There are so many traditions that people are too lazy to do. However, growing up in a small town has taught  you to enjoy these as much as possible and to be a sensitive and useful individual.

5. You learned to take responsibility for your actions when you were still very young.


You can't get away with mischief that easily. Your teachers and neighbors know you so well that they know where to find you. You never got away with something wrong, which made you a more responsible person. You have learned very well that if you do something wrong, you will be punished.

6. Nobody knows what loyalty is better than you.


You know how to be a part of a huge family! The most awesome and supportive fans come from small towns. If there is a person who grew up in your town and became famous, you guys support that person to the fullest. You never miss any games of your home town team; it has become a part of you.

7. You have deep and long friendships.


Your elementary school friends will most probably be also there when you graduate from high school. You have always been together, even while you made transitions in your life. You have such a beautiful bond that no other friendship can compete with it.

8. You can enjoy little things.


One of the most amazing upsides of growing up in a small town is the excitement you have for little things. Is a new shop opening in your town? Is your favorite band having a concert somewhere near your town? These are enough to make you crazily happy! Smiling at your acquaintances in the supermarket is more than enough!

9. You know the importance of family better than anybody else.


Unlike the city parents who have to juggle between work and home, your parents could most probably attend all your football games and theater plays. Everybody knows your siblings and family, you are very attached to each other. Even though one day you will fly away from your nest because of work or college, your family will always be the most beautiful and valuable part of you.

10. You always have a place that you can call "home."


Everybody who lives in a small town has had enough of it from time to time and visited other places. You have gone away to see other cultures, traditions and places. However, at the end, no matter how tired you are, you have a great "home" that makes you who you are. No matter how long it has been, you always have people to take care of you as soon as you get back!

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