10 Hardest Battles in God of War: Ragnarok - Kratos' Greatest Brawls

10 Hardest Battles in God of War: Ragnarok - Kratos' Greatest Brawls

Kimjun Demo
November 17 2022 - 05:33am
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The spectacular brawls in God of War Ragnarök challenge the player and provide the biggest pleasures, yet it frequently presents difficulties to players. The God of War, Ragnarök, has come with a host of incredibly powerful foes and their protracted fights. No matter how minor the confrontation, Kratos always makes grandiose movements while the player must get ready. It's exciting to witness more well-known figures from Norse mythology engaging in combat.

The fights go on to carry a punch, from Odin to Heimdall. The player must frequently visit Brok for improvements if they want to succeed in some of the difficult bouts. Some of the recognizable faces that arrive may even surprise fans of the 2018 predecessor.

Thor is certainly the first to bring players back to difficult encounters, even though Bjorn, or Atreus in wolf form, may technically be considered the first boss fight. He's a wonderful addition to the list of enemies, and near the conclusion, he surprises players once more. He takes his time, thus his first and last fights aren't overly brutal, but he can still deal a lot of damage.

Thor was the game's stinger and is the first Aesir who Kratos encounters. Fans were eager to watch how his war against Baldur's would turn out. It did not let down, and a lot of gamers caught themselves at the God of Thunder's mercy. With a warrior-like appearance rather than a masculine model, this Thor resembles the Norse story more than the Marvel version does. As with Baldur's, the battle is one of endurance, particularly at the beginning of the game where Kratos lacks all of his equipment and abilities. They are simply left with their ability. Additionally, it's just as magnificent as Baldur's battle, making even the player's defeats appear amazing.

He hurls Mjolnir at Kratos and scarcely flinches when struck, forcing players to take a number of precise swings. Sadly, Kratos doesn't kill him in his act of redemption.

Freya/Vanadis Returns With Full Fury

Freya first appears in the game trying to knock Kratos and Atreus from their sled, but she later makes a comeback determined to exact revenge while wearing full Valkyrie armor. While she leans back and fires blasts of artillery at him continuously, players must make good use of Kratos' shield. She puts forth a valiant effort but loses control when she is furious.

Kratos is able to reveal himself and stop her even though he doesn't kill her. This prepares the audience for an upsetting cut scene in which Kratos informs Atreus that she used to be their buddy.

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Garm Is Frightening But Enormous

Garm Is Frightening But Enormous

Garm exhibits the typical behaviors of a fearful animal after unleashing the arrogant hound of Helheim. The wolf stuns opponents with his powerful jaws, chain, and fangs, but it's more Kratos' size than anything else. The conflict is more like a sequence of practiced motions. To reduce the enormous creature's health bar, players must get him up to the line of sight and hit him several times in the face.

The boss battle with Garm isn't mechanically unfair, but overall, it's a test of stamina. Garm fights Kratos off by using his full body and his chains. As Kratos & Atreus pursue the hound across Hel, they engage in one of the game's longest boss battles. In fact, the boss battle drags on for so long that Kratos and Atreus develop independent strategies for taking out the monster. It's telling because Garm, who ultimately lost, wasn't even killed; instead, their souls were fused to create Fenrir.

Gamers will have to flee from the dog and confront him in a few very scary jump scares until finally laying Garm to rest after initially believing him to be dead.

Alva Moves Too Quickly For A Light Elf

First ever boss of Alfheim represents elves in a disturbingly Nordic way. Alva is a cunning villain who uses her mobility to deal out a lot of serious harm before sprinting away. She can also heal herself, which might potentially negate whatever harm the player has inflicted.

Even though the elves during the initial game were difficult, Alva entered the fray prepared to take everybody down with her. She is quick like the other elves, giving players little chance to retain a charge on their preferred weapon. Kratos must give everything he has to deal any damage as her strength bar looms above and she barely utters a grunt.

The key is to stop her double-blue circle assaults as soon as they appear. When performed consistently, the battle becomes somewhat more manageable, while it is still plenty difficult on the hardest setting. An excellent introduction to what to anticipate from this game. The unrelenting woman will eventually be defeated if players remember to avoid her when necessary, even though it can take a few times.

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Dreki's Strong Tail Is Useful

The enormous reddish crocodile might not seem dangerous, but if players aren't careful, he can deal a ton of damage. Of course, another Dreki sneaks out of its hideout for a meal as Atreus is inspecting a downed one. The beast will repeatedly snap and strike at Kratos with its enormous jaws and tail. The enormous monster also has no difficulty whipping around to strike the player out of the game. Dreki will finally lose the fight, though, with a few timed axe and shield strikes.

A bigger Dreki will emerge as Atreus and Kratos examine the Dreki and charge toward them. You'll need to deliver a lot of damage to the enormous crocodile-like beast to kill it because it has five separate health bars.

The Dreki would spit a burst of saliva at you right away; if you fail to not dodge it in time, you will take damage. And while it may be simpler to simply avoid this attack, you can also block it along with your shield or, if you're using the Abnegation Shield, deflect it back into the enemy, delivering damage and briefly stunning it.

But keep in mind that you'll need to be extremely exact with your timing if you want to parry the assault.

The First Game's Negative Memories Will Be Rekindled by Hrist and Mist.

Players will be shocked — if not traumatized — by the addition of main quest adversaries Hrist and Mist, since the valkyries during the first game were additional side quests. Kratos has to fight two Valkyries at once, which is difficult enough.

Furthermore, there are now two of them, and they are both determined to prevent Kratos from carrying out the prophecy. Even after being first defeated, they will emerge from it with renewed power and life. The boss battle tests the player's spatial awareness, and due to flanks, liberal usage of the shield is likely. A side note: The fight's background, and the immensity of space, provide for an amazing setpiece.

The warriors act in a manner that players would anticipate if they had experienced their sisters' battles in the first game. Fortunately, the two appear to be one and the same when both of their health bars are depleting at the same time. Players will rapidly learn by observing their motions.

Gryla Is Intimidated When Furious

Even though she is an elderly giant, she is utterly intimidating. Atreus/Loki is far too small to take on Angrboda's grandma in a boss battle. Atreus is picked up like a rat by the woman as she rapidly realizes their first strategy, which appeared to be working. She crouches down and reaches out to the two like they're vermin in the first flee from her, which is terrifying. Then they come back to complete what they began. Angrboda and Atreus surely bring the giantess down after developing a strategy for doing so. Though, she is still vulnerable to defeat.

It's important to know that on standard difficulty, each successful hit to the runes will remove half of the life bar.

Gryla will begin by doing two conventional attacks: a stomp assault and a cauldron strike in which she throws a spell your way from the cauldron she's holding. Either of these strikes have a modest area of effect, so as far as you move often around the kitchen's perimeter, you shouldn't be too concerned about them.

Gryla will unleash an unblockable attack if you've lost two health bars. You must avoid this assault at all costs because you won't be able to stop any damage from the line of damaging powder she will throw at you after reaching into her cauldron.

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Heimdall Recovers His Arm As If It Were No Big Deal

Players then start pounding down the chatty Heimdall after briefly beating his pet, Gulltoppr. Players could pause to consider how similar his combat style and demeanor are to Baldur's, and how much simpler Baldur was. His incredible agility makes the challenge agonizing, and he is always making annoying remarks.

Heimdall is a smarmy, blatantly irritating heel who exhibits none of the sweetness shown by him to Thor in the MCU version of him. The reality that the player's first encounter with him ended in a complete squash only makes matters worse. Kratos has had to battle his good proportion of loudmouth braggarts, but Heimdall is undoubtedly one of the worst. Kratos was required to go out of his own to locate a unique spear that was effective against him. Even so, the boss battle is reminiscent of fights with Baldur and Hermes, but this time, Kratos is limited to using a spear, which can be difficult for players who prefer axes or blades.

The conflict will drag on far longer than it needs to if players are slow to launch a few effective shots at him. While Kratos initially doesn't slay Heimdall in his quest to grow, he does amputate his arm; however, Heimdall has no trouble regenerating a new arm.

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The Worthy Final Boss Is Odin

It is customary for the game's last boss to prove challenging, and the Allfather delivers on that promise. Odin battles like the deceiver he is, unleashing a variety of spells to baffle and harm the player, unlike his savage sons. He frequently launches damaging AoE strikes, which makes it difficult for the player to avoid them. Additionally, the Allfather becomes immune to some phases, making jump-ins more challenging than ever. The player is forced to use all of the knowledge and tools they have acquired in order to defeat Odin in terms of bringing Ragnarok to a close. Odin makes sure the players are aware of who they are up against by killing off the protagonist and pushing his granddaughter towards the side. For gamers to finally vanquish the All-Father, they must upgrade their equipment.

His careless movements and remarks make the battle even harder. Of course, despite Kratos taking blow after hit, his enormous health bar rarely moves. It's good to see that he's been defeated.

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Gna Is Everything You Desire In A Secret Boss

If Kratos isn't continuously dying to Valkyries in God of War's Norse age, gamers will be reminded of the many hours they actually spent Sigrun by the game's new Valkyrie Queen Gna. But this round, Gna is much more ruthless and has a lot more innovative tactics than Sigrun did.

She also has an insane amount of health, reflecting her place as the genuine post-game monster, in top to these new, lethal assaults. Freya and Kratos are no match for her, and the player will undoubtedly lose against her more frequently than they would want to admit.

Even at her most controllable, she is excruciatingly difficult. The battle with Gna, the Queen of the Valkyrie, may be optional, although it is worthwhile for those who decide to succeed. Gna is nearly unbeatable, just like the Queen of the Valkyrie since the very first God of War.

The battle is extremely frustrating due to Gna's charged bullets and quick movements. Gamers are forced to exert all of their effort while she scarcely breaks a sweat. After some time, Gna concedes loss and offers self-sacrifice in the manner of a renowned warrior.

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