10 Female Celebs With Bodies Very Close To Perfection According To Ancient Greeks Golden Ratio!


What’s the ultimate measurement of beauty? Who decides who’s beautiful or not? These are, of course, very valid questions and there’s no doubt that the answer depends on countless parameters. Golden ratio, however, seems to be an interesting method to measure beauty as it is actually the “maths” of beauty! So here are 10 female celebrities and their closeness to perfection according to golden ratio.

10. Salma Hayek


Ratio - 1.838

Golden Ratio 88%

Well we're not surprised.

9. Elle MacPherson


Ratio 1.833

Golden Ratio 88.3%

She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated 5 times, those guys knew what they were doing, I guess...

8. Cameron Diaz


Ratio 1.765

Golden Ratio 91%

Her body is more of an athletic one, but is still very close to the golden ratio.

7. Katy Perry


Ratio 1.489

Golden Ratio 92%

6. Kelly Brook


Ratio 1.741

92.9% of Golden Ratio

British model and actress has a more curvy body than the others on this list, and she's very close to perfection.

5. Rita Ora


Ratio 1.504

Golden Ratio 93%

4. Marilyn Monroe


Ratio 1.7185

Golden Ratio 94%

3. Helen Mirren


Ratio 1.546

Golden Ratio 95.6%

Helen Mirren is the proof that you don't have to be in your 20s or 30s to be beautiful. Perfectly beautiful!

2. Kim Kardashian


Ratio 1.558

Golden Ratio 96.3%

Another woman with a curvy body is in the second place.

1. Scarlett Johansson


Ratio 1.56

Golden Ratio 96.4%

So she really IS the ideal woman! Scarlett Johansson beats Kim Kardashian to be named 'physically perfect' as her body is closest to Ancient Greeks' Golden Ratio!

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