Which Doctor Who Character Is Your Soulmate?

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The science fiction masterpiece of the BBC and maybe the world’s longest TV show, Doctor Who, is our test's topic this time! We gathered the characters that were on the series after 2005 and compiled a fun test for you to find out which of them is your soulmate. Shall we start?

1. First one!

Right before it gets dark!
11:11 am
3:33 am
Would 7:15 am work?

Which excuse would you pick to escape from a horrible first date?

There is a breakage in the galaxy, I have to go.
Start to run without saying a word.
I’m so sorry, I'm the worst!
I’m married.
I can only give you a headache.

2. Pick a cool space name.

3. What’s the dominant feature of the person you'd take adventures with?

I prefer to be alone.
Not a pain in the ass.

4. Pick an animal!

5. If you had a TARDIS, where would you go?

To the end of the world!
400 BC's City of Pompeii.
Victorian Era Britain.
To the future, of course!
Go and kill Hitler, if possible.
Doesn't really matter where I go.

6. Pick a style!

Finally pick a color!

Ninth Doctor!

You enjoy deep friendships. You don’t feel the need to socialize and are only concerned with the ones that know your true self. You’re always optimistic, never cause problems but solve them usually. You enjoy being alone and find peace that way. And you have a strange energy, a manic one. An energy that can be extremely beneficial if you use it wisely. USE IT!

Tenth doctor!

You’re a true romantic! You never hesitate to express your feelings and prefer to be transparent if it’s good or bad. You always entertain people, which makes you attractive. Don’t need to even mention your friendliness. Along with all these, being a little egoistical moves you further because you always seek to improve yourself!

Eleventh doctor!

You’re innocent like a child; you wouldn’t even hurt a fly. You’re always optimistic, energetic and ready for new adventures! You hate hurting people and believe every problem can be solved with some effort.  If you’re in the problem, you’re smart enough to solve it with your high EQ; which is a huge advantage for you in life!

Twelfth Doctor!

Logic is your priority; you are always objective. You may seem cold a little but that’s a part of your character, you prefer to have certain boundaries. It doesn’t mean you don’t have emotions, the ones that truly know you know that you’re actually very emotional. You’re fearless and there’s nothing you can’t do for your beloved ones.


There’s no doubt that you’re perfect travel partner ;) It’s not easy to gain everyone’s trust, but you’re born to be that person. Your helpfulness and straightforwardness makes people to be open to you. Even though sometimes you show your feelings very fast, it’s a good habit as long as you’re careful with your tone. Being natural is the best!

River Song!

You’re extremely passionate and determined. Have a goal? You would do anything to reach success! There’s nothing you can’t do once you’re motivated. Not only for yourself; you would do anything for your beloved ones. You’re a bit greedy but not in a harmful way. You’re just goal oriented, that’s all!

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