What's Your Alter-Ego? Find Your Inner Self!

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An "alter ego" is a personality that we know exists but never think about. So, what's your alter ego? How much do you know about the character that secretly lives within you?

What's your gender?


Imagine a tree. Which one does it look like?

What's the biggest strength a person could have?

A clever mind.

Money can't buy happiness... What else can't it buy?


Which pair is the most similar to "Life-Breath?"


How frequently do you think or say "I just want to escape?"

Occasionally and casually.
When I feel lonely.
Escaping is not my style.
Never crossed my mind.

If you could escape anywhere, which one would you go to?

Which one is the most evil villain?

Freddy Krueger
Lord Voldemort
Hannibal Lecter
Darth Vader
Keyser Soze

Choose a color.

What comes to your mind when we say "Pain?"


Life scares me, because...

I'm not afraid of life.
It ends with death.
Anything might happen.
The world is terrible.
There's no because.
I'm alone.
I don't have control of anything.
I don't know the reason.
People are not to be trusted.

Your alter ego is "The Bride!"

You have a bomb in you ready to explode. It's already a success that you went this far without it setting off. It means you have an impressive self-will for not letting out your anger, power, and potential. You are normally a calm, amiable, peaceful person and even though you have small eruptions of your alter ego trying to get out, you never let it take over you. But you know that it's there and ready if you ever need it. Just knowing this gives you confidence. It's still a little scary because you also know that if you let it out once, you won't have the chance to restrain it back down.

Your alter ego is "Sarah Connor!"

There's a warrior in you that gets what it wants by not giving up. Sometimes when you wonder how you achieved something, like getting an unexpected A, impressing a crowd with a project or performance, there's no reason to be surprised. You aren't just a simple character, there's an inner source that feeds you power. It's on your side and will recharge you what you need to achieve great things.

Your alter ego is "Nikita!"

You are and will always be enough for yourself. There's a big chance that you aren't aware of this or haven't built up the courage. This is because you always treat this inner voice as a dumb phase, and never let it thrive. Let this aspect of you contribute to your well being, and see the potential in it that will achieve whatever it wants. For example, travel solo and see how amazing it works out, spend some time away by yourself. Don't be afraid of this, because this freedom is what your alter ego needs in order to prove itself. Give your inner Nikita a chance!

Your alter ego is "Fiona Gallagher!"

You have a personality with multiple sides. You have even more than the female skill of multitasking, you have in you someone who is there for everyone, everything, and who can control all situations. You are strong enough for all that comes in your way. You may doubt this and fear failure, but don't let these fears get to you. Let that flirty, energetic, and naughty girl in you blossom and recognize your true self. Maybe your alter ego is who you really are!

Your alter ego is "Catherine Tramell!"

You exist boldly in a world ruled by men. You don't have to scream it, you don't even feel like it, but you still don't go unnoticed. That's why you have a lot of haters. Those who say "...what does she have that I don't?" have trouble seeing your charisma, charm and smart attractive wits. Don't fret over them or be like them; don't underestimate your power and potential. Don't be surprised by your achievements, these are all your natural work, the answers are right here within you. Look inside yourself, and you will see none of this is a coincidence.

Your alter ego is "Kathryn Merteuil!"

You make the impossible happen. You don't just think of cunning, evil plans, you are a true femme fatale. You think any path to your success is viable, and you are clever, ambitious, and determined. But you need to know how to use these qualities properly. If you get carried away, you may turn into someone you can't live with, and your main difference, Kathryn, is you can envision yourself in the long term. If you can use the seemingly negative aspects of this alter ego for good, there is no barrier you can't crush. Everything will work out when you combine your smarts and will with your practicality.

Your alter ego is "Lisbeth Salander!"

You never give up. You are both lucky and unlucky regarding this. You have luck, because you have a powerful, unique, fearless, skillful, and ambitious alter ego. But unfortunately, this alter ego is very challenging to battle. She's dominant and always wants to be the leader, never standing still. You will either give in or work with it. There's no problem with giving in but your alter ego is wounded; she has hesitations, paranoias, and baggage that might be exhausting for you and cause you to retreat in life. If you can manage to heal these wounds surely your power will rule all!

Your alter ego is "Cersei Lannister!"

Your motto is "anything is possible!" That's why you have an ambitious, cunning, and scary alter ego. You are aware of this and therefore avoid it. But your fondness for your family, fast thinking, good decision-making skills, and bravery are reflections of this alter ego. When you need it, you can take positive things from this alter ego. But you have a point with your fears too because your alter ego is very powerful when it comes to leading. It's the reason that your nerves snap sometimes and you hurt loved ones unnecessarily. Then you immediately regret it and apologize, but the damage is done. You may have to put some chains on your anger and ambitious passions.

Your alter ego is "Maria Puder!"

Behind your hard, strict exterior you carry a vulnerable, sensitive heart. Even when you feel strong and confident, this alter ego brings desperation. You have a challenging attitude towards men, and your alter ego is the reason. This is because the more you suppress your vulnerability and hide it, the more you end up feeding your alter ego, and this leads to a cycle. That's the basis of your distrust towards people and particularly males. And that's why all your relationships end in heartbreak or drain with doubts and contradictions. It's time to put these aside. Don't keep thinking about your weaknesses to pretend you are strong; know that you're strong and act like it.

Your alter ego is "Dexter!"

You have a great sense of justice, and even though this need to bring justice isn't as intense as Dexter's, you support the truth and the fair in your own ways. You are known by everyone as a joyful, social, and energetic person but no one knows how fulfilled you are when alone. You never worry about loneliness because that's really what you love and want. That's why you are a night owl. When everyone is asleep your creative side wakes up and your mind thrives. You sacrifice your sleep but it's worth it!

Your alter ego is "Travis Bickle!"

There's a side of you that's hard to control, and who is the opposite of the character you are. That's why you are in a constant struggle. You may be thinking about knocking someone out while smiling at them, or thinking "f*** your s***ty joke," while you're laughing, all of this is the work of your alter ego. The one who wants to beat your lover's ex, the one who is aggressive and bold. There's no problem if you can control it but if it starts rising up, be careful. Even if it makes you feel confident and powerful, it's not the most acceptable character to present in public.

Your alter ego is "Leon!"

You are absolutely contradictory with how you seem and who you really are. You are afraid to show the real you, always trying to seem like the person that the society wants to see. You're afraid of becoming an outcast, not being accepted. Loneliness is scary, but you need to remember that you have the strength and brain to battle any hardship by yourself, it just awaits your recognition. You are protecting yourself so diligently that the walls you have built block this power from coming out. Take off some of the blocks to explore your strength, and be more flexible with your set rules.

Your alter ego is "Christian Grey!"

Don't just think about the sexual tendencies of this person, though if you are a Scorpio or Aries you have those tendencies, but your main quality is your hunger for success. This is such an intense hunger that you can crush anything and everything in your way. You are also attractive and charismatic, but just like other alter egos experience in the beginning, you are afraid and doubtful. Maybe you haven't even realized these qualities about you; if not, let us introduce you to the fact that you have so much potential! There's a power in you that will be a winner. Find it and feed it.

Your alter ego is "Hannah Horvath!"

Your second personality is your selfish side. Don't get mad though, this selfishness adds a lot to what makes you special and brings you happiness. If you ever ask yourself "How could I do something like this?" remember what we said. This voice in you pushes you to make sudden decisions and brings you courage, it actually makes you participate in life, maybe fills you with some resentment, but shows you the realities that you otherwise wouldn't see and lets you take life lightly. Don't try to suppress it because it will always be with you. It will sometimes be challenging but don't let that get to you because you still need to take the steps that you take.

Your alter ego is "Gregory House!"

You look like you're not taking life seriously but you're on top of everything. But the more House you become, the more people may misunderstand you. What you have to do is control your alter ego, and take only what you need; the humor, wit, and smarts. Normally you don't give into your alter ego at all; you are very sociable, charming, sympathetic, and well loved... But whenever your alter ego takes over you fear losing all of this. There's no need to fear; your alter ego is also one of us, it's programmed for success and is ambitious. If you become aware of this and embrace it you will have a great life.

Your alter ego is "Walter White!"

You try to think everything through and never hesitate to take action. It's your alter ego that acts when you are in a dilemma. When you are left alone, if you ask yourself why you got yourself into this situation, your alter ego again is the answer. It's determined to bring you places in this life, to reach your goals, and follow your dreams and take every single step. You just need to be careful with filtering sudden decisions through logic. If you let yourself get carried away, you may find yourself in unexpected and definitely unwanted situations. Life isn't about being unruly, and your alter ego needs to learn that.

Your alter ego is "Severus Snape!"

You are mysterious. Have you thought about why your friends and partners mention you as a closed box, a person who isn't easy to understand? Why does everyone trust you with their secrets? Because they are aware of your solemn, silent alter ego that keeps secrets. This makes you a trustworthy, loyal friend, and lover but prevents you from socializing and reaching your full potential. Because you have a lot built up in you and have so much energy trying to get out. Try to get to know yourself, you'll be surprised to see how even the worst looking situations may give birth to amazing results! Just a little courage and attention to yourself.

Your alter ego is "V" for Vendetta!

You have the soul of an anarchist. It's a hero waiting for the opportunity to jump in front of the line and stand up for his ideas even if no one supports him. But you live all these in your own world. It's like a bomb on countdown, waiting. Unfortunately, it may never reach zero, and that's why you should learn to use this fire in appropriate amounts for your real life. Know that you are carrying a huge amount of power, will, and ambition. Don't hide these, but create channels for them to get out. Surely reflecting good amounts on this to your life will bring you places!

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