What Women Really Mean By "Okay..."

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We hope this will be a helpful guide for men, too. These are the meanings of the word “okay” you are bound to hear in different situations.

1. “Hope you die...”

2. “You’ll pay for it one day!”

3. “I’m keeping silent now but you’re literally dead”

4. “My heart just got broken into pieces”

5. “I’ll make you remember this in 3 years - even 30 years later”

6. “I really don’t want to argue right now, but if I did…”

7. “I don’t give a shit”

8. “Just stop talking for a moment!”

9. “I’ll destroy your life!”

10. “So this is the end…”

The breaking up “Okay”

11. “Do what the f*ck you want to do”

12. “I’m cursing inside”

13. “I’m writing all these down…”

14. “Ok ok”

-Okay baby, I won’t do it again. (yeah,sure)

15. “So your friends are more important than me, good.”

16. “I can’t believe you're still talking, even though I’m right”

17. “Okay”

It’s not going to mean something else all the time, of course.

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