This InkBlot Test Will Reveal How Much Of A Psychopath You Are!


We’ll show you some inkblots and you’ll tell us what you see in them to reveal what kind of a psychopath you are. Take the quiz to find out if you should be worried about yourself.

1. Let’s start. What do you see in this image?

2. What about this one? What do you see?

3. Come on, stretch your imagination, what does this look like?

4. What do you see?

5. Choose a word to describe this inkblot.

6. This looks weird, but what does it look like?

7. A little darkness, what do you see in this inkblot?

8. What do you see?

9. What about here? What’s in this?

10. This weird shape is the final one. What do you see?

0% Psychopath!

We actually don’t know why you even took this test, because you’re not even close to being a psycho! You’re a pretty logical, calm, sincere and balanced person. You have healthy relationships and your attitude and energy toward life are very positive. There’s nothing to worry about! Congrats on being so psychologically healthy and we hope you always stay like this!

60% Psychopath!

We can’t really call you a psycho, but also can’t say you’re psychologically healthy either. You’re actually close to being one! You sometimes feel the need to staying away from people because your past experiences left deep scars on your soul. Still, you don’t really like to be alone all the time. You usually enjoy being in crowds, since you’re a very friendly person! You also like to help people when they need you and do your best to make them feel better. But still, the bad experiences you had in the past sometimes put devilish thoughts into your mind. But you know how to handle it. Once your mind is full of negative thoughts, you immediately step away from people and listen to yourself for a while. Let us tell you something: You’re doing great! Keep it up!

100% Psychopath!

We’re afraid to say that- like, we're seriously afraid, since you’re scaring the shit out of us- you’re totally a psycho! You usually prefer to spend time alone and god knows what you think of in those times. We can’t really predict that since none of us has the psycho imagination that you have! But you should be spending more time with people and connect with them! At least give it a try, no? If not, we totally get you.

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