Things To Note About Girls With Plants!


Girls who have houseplants at home and who look after them, put them near the window to make them receive sunlight, and buy flower food for them, are actually the best wife material. If you are thinking about getting married, but aren't sure about it, there are two ways to find out:

1. Go to her house, and see if she has impatiens next to the window, bougainvilleas in the corner, Swiss cheese plants and bamboo in the living-room, and four o-clocks and gillyflowers on her balcony. If she does, ask her to marry you straight away.

2. If you don't have a chance to see her house, buy yourself an uncared for plant, and then invite her to your house.

If she shows interest in the plant when she comes; if she waters it, picks the dry leaves, and tells you what you should do about it, take out the ring right there immediately, and sink to your knees

3. Girls who have houseplants are homebodies.

4. They are committed to their homes and keeping it neat, clean and tidy.

5. They get along with children well, and become good mothers.

6. They are cheerful, loving, good-hearted.

7. They love to have company and have so many friends, but always have time for everyone and everything.

8. Don't miss out on a house-planting girl if you see one.

Now, think about a girl who has house plants. Isn't she the same as I mentioned? Go buy a ring; not a moment to spare!
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