These Hotels Offer Free Stay If Couples Promise To Have Sex!

These Hotels Offer Free Stay If Couples Promise To Have Sex!

Chelsea Wrots
January 25 2017 - 11:37am

Are these hotel owners in Italy crazy to make this kind of a promise? Hope they won’t have to offer free stay all the time soon.

The campaign is a special for Italy’s Assisi, Umbria region and only applies to the citizens of Italy.

The campaign is a special for Italy’s Assisi, Umbria region and only applies to the citizens of Italy.

So, unfortunately, you cannot just get your visa and plane ticket to Italy for a free holiday. 10 hotels of the Assisi region have signed up for this campaign called  'Fertility Room.'

These hotels wants more sex to happen! Sex all the time! A lot of crazy sex! Sex sex sex!

“Come in and have sex. If you’re gonna do it, do it in our hotel. Just have sex, get it? Our hotel wants you guys to have sex so much that we cannot explain our emotions with words. All you have to do is to have sex. We’ll take a good care of you while your stay and won’t take any of your money, just bang, as long as you want. Sex thru LIIIFE!” Yeah, that’s what those 10 hotel owners in Umbria, Italy say. Not us.

Pick the one from two different campaigns, whichever you want.

There are two different campaign options for the guests of these hotels, who’ll win a free stay by having sex. What they say is; “Either come and have a crazy sex in our hotel. Have a ‘Let's-bang-each-other's-brains-out’ sex. Make each other scream in bed; and we’ll refund your money. Or, come back in a second time and that’ll be from us. Come and stay, eat, relax any pay nothing.”

We can already hear the questions in everyone’s mind. "Can we just stay for free if we go and have sex day & night? There are no conditions?”

Yes, there is. Of course, there is. No one would give anything free, duh? The criterion is a bit about the Italian nation. Nothing monetary, but something that is still in need. Those hotel owners are actually trying to save the ITALIAN NATION! Yes, you heard it right, their nationalist feelings are the result of this campaign.

The only criteria is: TO HAVE A BABY!

The only condition to have a free stay in these hotels is to conceive. Having kids as a result of that sex you’re gonna have in their hotel. In a nutshell, you go to these hotels and have sex 3-5 times every night. Or just once, your choice; if you’re gonna be able to have a cute ass Italian baby after your intercourse. You go to these hotels with your baby’s birth certificate and show it as a proof that you got pregnant during your stay. Proof that you stayed in that hotel nine months ago. And they will offer you two different options. They'll either reimburse or offer a second stay, for free. You also have a ten-day allowance for conception; which makes things a lot easier if you give birth 10 days earlier or later than 9 months and 10 days after your original stay.

Why, why, and why?

The reason is actually simple. As we said, it’s about the good of the Italian nation. Italy had the lowest birthrate in Europe in 2015; which means the number of the country’s young population is in decline. According to statistics, Italy registered the lowest number of births in the last 150 years and they had to come up this kind of a campaign to increase the birth rate (which is just eight births per 1,000 citizens.) We don’t know if this plan is gonna work, but it’s for sure that Italy has to find a solution to this problem. Here are the names of the hotels for those who are curious, or have some Italian friends to recommend.

Farm Basaletto, Farmhouse Casa Faustina, Farmhouse Le Mandrie di San Paolo, Hotel Upper Room, Hotel Cristallo from Moro Gallery Hotel Assisi, Hotel Dei Priori, Hotel Fontebella, The Castle Hotel and Hotel Windsor Savoia.

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